Numbing, Spicy, Hot Tantanmen from the Tsujita Ramen Group - Killer Noodle [Thoughts + Pics]


Thanks @BlurA14. :slight_smile:

So the amount of numbing / tingling was also fine? If you only stated “Level 4” to the server, they might’ve just given you “Level 4 / 4” for both Numbing & Spiciness.

And yah, next visit for us would also be after this heat wave. :slight_smile:


One additional note, I added chashu to my order. Not as good as the slices at Tsujita, don’t feel it’s necessary next time.


Yup, I just said Level 4 so they probably just gave me 4 on both. I probably wouldn’t go any higher than 4 though, for taste reasons


How does it compare to Asian-ya’s tantanmen?

Is there a new champion?


uh… i go back and forth between not wanting to be challenged by spicy foods to craving it… i think i like it when places (like thai) don’t make it a theme


Went today at 1145 and it was mostly full but no wait. Had the Tokyo dry L3. I’ll preface this by saying that i’m not the biggest fan of the camphor/metallic flavor of szechuan peppercorns although that doesn’t stop me eating food with it.

I really liked it although I didn’t think it was a Howling L3 hot I would go 3/4 next time or 2/4 the numbing was really noticeable in the dry (haven’t had the wet so can’t compare.)

It’s been a few months since I’ve been to Beni-tora but my memory is that there dan dan was pretty good. Now I am curious to go back and see which I prefer (and get some more gyoza)


Thanks @aaqjr. I think the dry would be more noticeable (for the numbing and spices), thanks for the comparison. :slight_smile: The normal soup version probably helps to even out the flavors a bit and make it less overwhelming (especially if one accidentally didn’t mix the ingredients well enough and had a burst of sansho or the chilies).


My problem with choose-your-spiciness-number options is that to make mildly, moderately, very, and extremely spicy delicious you should use a different chile or mix of chiles.

Typically the spiciest level has too much of a chile or mix that’s not tasty past a medium-high level, resulting in dish that’s too bitter or in which the flavors are unbalanced towards the fruitiness of the chiles. Instead of being delicious it’s just a stupid thing for nitwits to eat as a stunt.


Some of us nitwits eat it that spicy because we grew up eating ass-burn spicy food and so it’s a comfort thing.


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I probably like my food as spicy as you do if not more so. I order Thai spicy at Luv2Eat and Jitlada and it’s well within my comfort zone.


Pro Tip: You can park in the Hide Sushi parking lot and Killer Noodle will validate for parking.
However, the amount of time the validation covers–I can’t remember now if it’s 1 hour or 90 minutes–may not be enough considering the line. I suggested to the staff to either negotiate a longer parking timespan covered by validation, or validation could cover a portion of the parking cost (I believe now it’s all or nothing).

Caveat: This information was obtained during their opening weekend. Anyone who’s been there more recently and can confirm or clarify any of the above?


Perhaps the two most interesting phrases ever thrown together here. :slight_smile:

I do agree w/ @robert that super spicy sometimes seems very one-note to me (which is why I love the crab curry at Luv2Eat, even though I can barely tolerate the heat).


What can I say… it’s a pleasurable burn. :laughing:


@kevin isn’t here, but he would say…

kevin likey



I miss him.


Totally agree.


Tosh 2.0 has been ending his shows with something like that.


Tried to go yesterday at 2 - it was closed.
Was fucking pissed, website says
11 AM - 3 PM, 5 PM - 11PM
(10:30PM Last Order)
Closed Wednesday

Still had a wonderful (cold, yesterday was no day for hot noodles) Udon bowl at marugame and found the shrimp tempura much better than at opening week…


This is so true. There’s something reassuring about the feeling. Like I’m being fed by mom or something.


Hi @CiaoBob,

Bummer, but wasn’t yesterday… Wednesday? :wink:


11 AM - 3 PM, 5 PM - 11PM
(10:30PM Last Order)

Closed Wednesday

Glad Marugame is getting better.