Numbing, Spicy, Hot Tantanmen from the Tsujita Ramen Group - Killer Noodle [Thoughts + Pics]


Sorry - I haven’t been here yet.


Nor have I, even though I really like mapo tofu. I was actually across the street today at Lemonade, since my body was asking for some veggies (and you shall see why after I put my weekend update in… :wink: ).


Hi @bulavinaka, @paranoidgarliclover,

Ah! I figured both of you would’ve tried Tsujita’s Killer Noodles by now. :sweat_smile: You know about all the Sawtelle eateries usually. :wink:


My wife seems to want to avoid this place. Our last two times eating on Sawtelle, I suggested eating here. She preferred udon to Killer Noodle. Two weeks later, I mentioned eating at Killer Noodle again - she wanted sushi so we went to Kiriko for omakase. Udon was eh. Kiriko was very good. Killer Noodle is still on my list.




It’s a shame that Kiriko seems to have somewhat fallen.out of favor. The place was not even half full on the Friday night that we were.there. And this seems to be about par for Kiriko whenever we go or are walking by.


I was there on Monday for my first visit back since the opening. It seemed pretty consistent for the most part. Might ask for the noodles to be cooked a touch less next time. Really want to like the Udon place and do like the layout/concept but the noodles aren’t as good as the frozen udon I buy at Nijiya. So that’s a bit sad.