NYC food lover & fam coming to visit LA


I know. Sorry.



Note for @Howdini: the mole place @ipsedixit suggested is about 20 minutes southeast of USC in no traffic. In traffic, expect a drive of at least 35-45 minutes…and the carpool lanes won’t be of any help during peak traffic.
The menu, however, looks fabulous and completely worth a try.


Or hit up Rocio’s Mexican Kitchen … La Diosa de los Moles’ sister kitchen on the way there.

Or, better yet, hit up both and do a Oaxaca bang-bang.


Other options are Juquila and Monte Alban in West LA. Both are within easy driving distance of UCLA. I wouldn’t say either is life changing, but you’ll get a sense for the unique flavor profile of Oaxacan food. OP and family could then walk down Sawtelle, which might be fun. Or perhaps get some ice cream at Sweet Rose. And then perhaps stay long enough to see the sunset in Santa Monica along Ocean Ave.

Is there a lot of Persian food in NYC? Javan might be enjoyable (also within easy driving distance of UCLA).

I very much enjoyed my one visit to Rocio’s, back when she was in Sunland/Tujunga…


Pine and Crane in Silver Lake is very vegetarian friendly for the GF and kid!

Get any of the fresh green vegetables that are available. There is a small sign next to the register that shows whats available from the farm. Get 2 in fact, with extra garlic!!

Daikon Potstickers

Also to the left of the register is the refrigerator with a selection of cold apps, most if not all are vegetarian, i.e. cold marinated cucumbers

Dan Dan Noodles

Three Cup Mushroom

Vegetarian Mapo Tofu

The seating situation is not too ideal, as you pay first then find a table, so I suggest go at opening or off hours. Enjoy!


How about Guerilla Tacos? Taco truck, great ingredients, vegetarian options.

Chengdu Taste? i’m not sure if NYC has good Sichuan if compared to Los Angeles and i’m sure there’s some vegetarian stuff on the menu. I still think they’re pretty great


one food writer from the east coast happens to love in n out. this is not the point; it’s that when he brings bags of in n out back to his beverly hills hotel, it’s the only fast food that doesn’t draw a sneer from the hotel staff. if anything, they all smile and nod approvingly. that i found interesting.


Sounds like Anthony Bourdain, he’s made similar comments.


No fries on that plate…


Sure, but you don’t need to come to a board like this one to get recommendations for famous places tourists insist on visiting regardless.


It doesn’t have to be all or nothing though. You can eat at “foodie” places and still fit in a couple of “touristy” meals too.


This is exactly how I vacation eat. Mix both parts so you don’t feel like you missed out on anything.


When I’m visiting a great food town like LA, I feel like I’ve missed out every time I choose badly and waste good appetite on a mediocre meal.


I’m sure most people (at least on this board) don’t want mediocre food on a vacation, but I look on it as an opportunity to plan another trip.


We get it. It’s not your thing. That’s great.

There are many on this board (including me) that think it’s really good. Clearly, YMV.


Travel and eating your way through any city is a gamble regardless of how much research you do. Most times, travel is about the adventures you have along the way. Some adventures work out and sometimes they don’t. I’m sure most folks on this board would agree.



Thomas Keller said it’s “pretty good,” as opposed to “really good.”


Pretty good praise for something that costs less than a soft drink at his restaurant.