NYC food lover & fam coming to visit LA


In-N-Out demonstrates that a fast food chain can serve a pretty good hamburger instead of those unappetizing things McDonald’s sells. Keller thought that meant that it might also be possible to create a chain that serves a really good hamburger.


You missed the point completely.


I didn’t miss that the author of the article said he didn’t think Keller could make a burger better than In-N-Out’s.


Was just going to suggest Revolutionario LA after USC visit, or free day. We were there last Sunday with a friend visiting from Paris. Thumbs up from Parisian on the smoked lamb, duck hash and beef shank tacos (one of each), followed by merguez with spiced potatoes. He wanted to try more, but ran out of stomach space. I had a charred cauliflower taco, followed by mushroom/spinach/feta and then shared a seabass taco that were excellent - cauliflower surprisingly was my favorite. SO had sauteed shrimp over rice/charred vegetables - shrimp were a nice size, perfectly cooked and plentiful. The condiment tray is legendary - best sour pickled red onion, carrots, radish, and two kimchis, one that will clear your sinuses. Also his homemade harissa (red, green) and a habanero sauce that clears more than sinuses. It’s all addictive. You’ll get handed a menu when you walk in…be sure to check the “other” menus on the counter by the register - there’s one with mostly seafood, and others that list combinations for tacos, bowls, etc.,not on the main menu. Also ask about specials. Chef Zadi is a great conversationalist. Parking can be a challenge - just keep circling the block.


Some photos:



Cannot recommend Revolutionario highly enough. The memory of that merguez is making my mouth water!

I also second the suggestions of Guerilla Tacos with equal fervor.

Both places really epitomize what I think of as distinctive about food scene here in LA.


Thanks, pgl. There’s a couple of Juquilas listed in google maps: is this the one on Venice Blvd?


Thanks, hd. I’ve saved Guerilla. We’ve got something of a Sichuan renaissance going on in NYC right now…not sure how it compares to LA, but there’s a number of excellent places right here in the East Village.


The only one I know of (and have been to… and it’s been several yrs) is the one on Santa Monica Blvd. in zip code 90025 (just west of the 405). In doing a Google search, I see that the one on Venice is listed as “Juquila 2.” Not sure if they’re related at all.

BTW, if you end up at the Juquila on Santa Monica Blvd., be aware that it has ZIPPO ambiance. Very much a hole in the wall.


Holy crud this sounds amazing. This is a must-visit for this trip.


Anything with roots in North Africa/France/Spain should be slam dunk choices.


Photos linked via Chowseeker’s “Epic” post re: Revolutionario are real news - only thing missing is that they aren’t Scratch n’ Sniff.