NYC splurge dinner?


Hey all, thanks so much for the original input. Anyway, I was just gifted with a 250 Open Table gift card, and given that I’m a graduate student without excessive funds, I’ve decided to splurge at a restaurant that accepts Open Table gift cards.

That leaves me with the following: Del Posto, Gramercy Tavern, Marea, The Modern, and Gabriel Kreuther.


I’m leaning The Modern or Marea but I’m easily swayed.


I would go with marea from your list. I would also consider nakazawa, jungsik, emp, and ko.


Those are places that will be revisited when I have sufficient funds :wink: and am no longer a grad student living off past earnings!

For now the OpenTable gift card is too hard to pass up!


The places i listed are on opentable too


It’s quite annoying, but just because a restaurant takes reservations on opentable doesn’t mean that it also takes these gift cards. To see if they accept gift cards, you have to go to and sort by city, etc.

From what I can tell, those restaurants unfortunately are not on the gift section.


The Modern

In that order. And no other.


Is the way to do Marea the 4-course pre-fixe?


Not really.

Depending on my mood, sometimes I will start with crudo tasting, then 2 antipasti (such as the salt cod, grilled octopus and/or the hen egg), and finish off with a pasta dish (either the squid ink or the veal ragu). While I enjoy Marea’s meat/fish dishes, I really don’t think they’re the raison d’etre of why you visit Marea.


Now you’re speaking my language. This sounds fantastic.


That’s kind of sucky, well in that case i would pick marea and get the fusilli with bone marrow and octopus and the uni with lardo.


It’s super sucky, but if everything looks as good as those pictures, I’m pretty sure I’ll survive!


You will love Marea.

Stick to the pastas (any of them), and you will not be disappointed.



Many thanks, look for an upcoming report.


What’s the world class sushi place? I’m coming from California and want to eat a top sushi meal in NYC during my upcoming trip. The new Ichimura is already booked, unfortunately. I’ve been to Sushi Ginza Onodera at other locations multiple times, and that’s great, but I don’t want to repeat in NY, and I’ve also been to Zo’s LA restaurants, but am not really a fan. I hear mixed things about Sushi Nakazawa - some great, some not so great. I heard around 2015, 15 East and Azabu got new head chefs.

What do people think of Aldea? It’s part of a bangbang.

Anywhere better than Santina by the High Line? Will be at The Whitney and a bunch of galleries very close by.



Suzuki or Shuko[quote=“BradFord, post:34, topic:4845”]
What do people think of Aldea?

Love it. Stick to the tapas (i.e. the first and second courses)

.[quote=“BradFord, post:34, topic:4845”]
Anywhere better than Santina by the High Line?

Untitled (at The Whitney), Perla, or ZZ’s


Alright, I think we’ll try Satsuki at Suzuki, thanks! Did you try the full Omakase or the Sunset menu? I don’t know much about Sushi Zen, and $250p/p is fine (we were aiming for Ichimura) but it’s not inexpensive. Are their prepared dishes something pretty special, or is nigiri their strength?

Ah, they’re not open on Mondays…I’ll have to go there next time. Already booked Atera for Tuesday and don’t want to bump that.

I should’ve specified lunch. Guess it’ll be Untitled at the Whitney, then. Thanks.


Full omakase. I can’t enjoy sushi until after 8:30 p.m. EST.

I really want to go back and try the kaiseki menu.

.[quote=“BradFord, post:36, topic:4845”]
Guess it’ll be Untitled at the Whitney, then

Make sure to try the roasted and fried chicken.


Great, noted!

Any thoughts on Hirohisa (considering lunch)?

Last question (I’m hijacking this thread): for a solo dinner - Estela, Lilia, Metta, or just get the chicken pot pie at The Nomad Bar? I’m staying 6 nights and have a good mix of cuisines already.


Dunno about Lilia or Metta, as I rarely get to Brooklyn when visiting NY.

How about something a little off-the-wall? Maybe get the famous Au Cheval Cheeseburger at 4 Charles? Or maybe dine at the bar at Indian Accent?


Indian could be interesting. I had bookmarked Indian Accent but forgot about it. I’m probably visiting Au Cheval in Chicago later this year, so I’ll skip 4 Charles. For chophouse, we’re doing The Beatrice Inn.

Of the recent crop of higher-end Indian places, is Indian Accent the place to go? The name is dumb, but if the food is good…