NYC splurge dinner?


I enjoyed it, but I’m by no means an Indian food expert. I’m a big sucker for their treacle tart a la mode.


Of all of the “splurge” worthy dining I have done in NYC, the one that I would most like to return to is Chef’s Table. Soup to nuts outstanding. And despite reports to the contrary, I found Chef Ramirez to be gracious and charming. Coming in a close second would be Jungsik and Nakazawa. I liked the “new” Ko, but preferred the old location and more abbreviated menu a bite more - still a strong recommendation. Atera under Chef Lightner was otherworldly, but can’t speak to his successor. I’ve had lunches at Per Se, EMP, Le Bernardin, Jean Georges, and Del Posto. Lunch at Le Bernardin, Jean Georges, and Del Posto. are a relative “bargain” compared to the dinner menu prices, but they are also a lot --help me find a better word that “stuffier”-- than some of the other options. I would not return to Per Se. Way too rigid and not that tasty and hard to believe it is cut from the same cloth at French Laundry. Enjoy Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I went in the dead of winter and I’m still floored how they made all those root vegetables so delicious!


Piggybacking off of @set0312 's thread, sorry! We’re going to Chef’s Table and that’s the meal about which we’re most excited. I do think that Chef Lightner’s menu at Atera under looked a lot more interesting, but I’m still going to check out Atera. I’m going to Le Bernardin as well, and am considering Jungsik, but am worried that we’ll have tasting menu fatigue. I went to The French Laundry last year and found it fine but not very interesting, so I’m not looking into Per Se. No EMP or Aska because I don’t want to use TOCK. I’m glad that Chef’s Table does things the old-fashioned way: reserve by phone.


Please keep going, but do report on the meals!


Estela’s great by the way, though I’m not sure if it would make the most sense to go as a single diner.

Can you get in to Lilia? I had a reservation but canceled to go to Blue Hill in the city, which ended up being really fantastic. The fast food menu at Blue Hill could be pretty fun too…


I’m over a month out, so we’ll see. I will go to The Grill instead, if I can make it, though, just for something a little different.

Thanks for the note about Estela. Original plan was Aldea for the 7-course bar bites + Estela, but Aldea is closed on Mondays.


Ahh the bar bites woulda been fun. Lupelo is a decent alternative if you want Portuguese but are okay with something more casual. Both are Mendes spots… it would work well for a single diner


Atera is awesome. Don’t skip it. Emborg is a magician in the kitchen, and with 18-courses you get to see his brilliance on full display. Open kitchen, so much fun.

Between Le Bernardin and JungSik, I would do the latter every day of the week.