OC for a few days


Fair enough, be sure I’m getting in there…I pulled that figure re meat off the internet…not sure about 40-50% — I just don’t think im capable of eating 3lbs of meat when I take down a 6lb lobster…but ive been told im a bigger pig than I think I am sometimes… on the bigger ones too you can really max out more on those non-claw/tail parts…can take a rolling pin to the little legs and that membrane around the head can be noteworthy. all the crap about the big ones are tough and not as sweet tasting…pure BS!


and i’m pretty fucking lazy so my personal yield is quite lower.


Totally agree. The 6-8lb goliaths at Newport are sweet and tender.

Also the meat/shell ratio goes up as they get bigger. I would believe 20-30% for one of those little 1.5lb frys.

It’s the same philosophy with king crab. My personal rule is a minimum of 7 lbs otherwise I find the leg meat pretty sparse.


this is making me really hungry dude…I wish I had some “work” in santa ana today!


Large order for 2. Save the leftover sauce and white rice and make fried rice. I think this one was billed at 6 pounds.


u guys are killing me!


For those who have been in SF several years ago and have heard of him, Jimmy Kwok (formerly of Bodega Bistro) once cooked us a 5 pounder+ with a ton of roe when he resurfaced at a Sichuan Chinese restaurant for a period, but he actually saved the roe and did a killer fried rice with it, served in a clay pot. But I bet Newport’s is far superior based on reputation and those I know who have been there.

Looking at Yelp pictures, they definitely have e-fu noodles (Yee Meen), but it’s actually deep fried first, dehydrated and rehydrated with cooking (super healthy). They have ho fun for sure at Newport. But the wide flatter egg noodles I think would be good. If the minimum is 4 lbs, I don’t think I can conquer that alone. So may save it for another trip (likely will be back in LA and OC in May) when a four to five pounder will be more do-able. Thanks again all!


Challenge yourself!

Kidding…have a great visit




What kind of wine do the LAFTers like to drink (or bring and drink) with Newport’s lobster? How much is the corkage fee there? And what types of beer does Newport have? Tsing Tao?


god I can’t stop looking at kobe’s pic…for me, tsing tao…I like the food spicy there and not a huge wine guy in the first place…


deintely ching tao, and probably a budweister and it’s been some time but Fisher beer (a French lager nothing special with a bottle cap like Grolschy).

drink a geuremwaterner (sp???) or light Riesling to stand up to the fucked up heat.

you never want them to dumb it down.

too bad their ain’t a seafood village in OC but then …


I would guess $10-15 for corkage. Call to check and bring your own stems!

I’m a big fan of drink/bring whatever you like. Champagne goes with pretty much everything. Can’t go wrong with beer either.

Don’t forget the shaking beef!

They also do an excellent Vietnamese beef stew that would be perfect for lunch…


does anyone know if Newport Seafood happens to do iced café sua dua ???/

thanks guys.

fucking starving today.


pretty sure yes


Rémy Martin


Nothin wrong with that!


Thanks to all those that responded. Had a fantastic time, just didn’t get much of a chance to write sooner.

Short comments, but will write more when time permits.

Tokyo Central (Costa Mesa) - this replaced Marukai. Quite a lot of fun and spent far too much time in here. The sake selection is a touch lackluster but works if you want the run of the mill stuff. Dassai 23 is low $80s here, vs $72.99 (a freaking steal) at Mitsuwa nearby. The toys and cutesy stuffed animals section, alongside the manga character toy statues, will make the otaku drool. Food-wise? Not bad…picked up a packet of yuzu somen, and some rice cracker crunchies.

Hi Time Wine Cellar (Costa Mesa) - yes this is the K&L (Redwood City) version for the OC. Hardly know my wines but their cellar room is impressive. Dassai Beyond for $599, that’s cheaper than True Sake in SF. They have the two high end (obscure) Tatsuriki sakes (Junmai Daiginjo) that Mori Sushi offers. Other than that there were a few interesting bottles in the $80 to $100 range but stored in their refrigerator. Quite a few of the sakes do not have date of manufacture and that could be a result of the export/distributor. Hi Time goes through distributors to get their sakes, though I didn’t press further as to their origin, guessing it’s MTC LA (Mutual Trading).

Tasty Garden (Irvine) - only went there for dessert…egg puff/eggette which was done nicely…though quite pricey at $5.25 a slab. Nice toasty on the outside and sponge cake like inside. The execution surpasses a lot of the crap in Northern California. Their HK style iced milk tea? Not so interesting…maybe better suited for tapioca milk tea. Huge menu and even the double boiled soups are interesting.

Kasen - wanted to go to Shunka but they did not take reservations. Back a third time and still as stellar for the area. Though it added up quickly. Chef owner is actually from Okinawa area and trained his craft in Osaka, while his wife (the only waitress) is from Tokyo. I’ll post some photos when I get a chance. No shinko this time.

Jong Ro Shul Lung Tang - Korean sullungtang/gomtang soups specialist place in Garden Grove. Super friendly service by the waitresses. Galbitang is solid compared to NorCal, and I enjoyed the haejangkuk (hangover cure soup) with short rib shreds, gochujang, doenjang (in the soup), and ox blood cubes. Even went back for breakfast and it hit the spot.
Dogani tang, not bad.

Kaminariya Yakitori Dining (Tustin) - grill in the kitchen so you can’t see the action (nor smell the smoke). Skewers came altogether at once, though plated elegantly on a banana like leaf on earthernware platter. Overall quite decent for a quick fix.

Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori (Garden Grove) - it’s a chain brand I know, but for the area it’s quite good. Efficient, fast, loud/rowdy (yet atmospheric). Tons of choices, but no bonjiri (chicken tail meat), though Kaminariya did. No reservations taken, just show up and put your name down. A few skewers I felt they did better than Torihei in Torrance.

Bun Bo Hue So 1 (Westminster) - it’s like a home made familiy kind of version. Firmer noodles, but decent quality ingredients. Pork blood cube not too dry. A more subtle natural tasting broth despite the layer of chili oil. I think I really enjoyed Ngu Binh’s version (though their other Hue dishes sucked).

Pho Mai (Westminster) - Banh Canh Tom Cua (Vietnamese seafood udon with crab) is their signature. Lots of “fans” on Yelp, basically spoiled expat or Americanized types thinking it’s overpriced and suck-ass, when they don’t realize being legit is the norm in the area. Wait till they go to San Jose, or even SF to try to look for quarter decent Vietnamese food and see horrendous renditions. Excellent Banh Canh and even the presentation was good. Yeah $9 doesn’t make you full, which is why another small BBH worked

Brodard (Westminster) - did not do the rolls, just dessert. The flan was disappointing. Even the young coconut with jello was so so. Not as busy, now that Garlic and Chives has opened in the plaza (which looked far more interesting).

Seoul Do Soon Yi Kimchi Company - the $16 jars of gallon? sized kimchi looked enticing. Just no room in the mini suitcase, and the fact it was glass made me a bit wary for transporting. Maybe next time I’ll bring two ice chests.

Wish I had more time and stomach space!

Thanks again everyone!


Thanks for the report. That sponge cake sounds beyond fucking dope. And kind of like my tamagoyaki.