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Phuong Phuong Quan just opened and has very similar home style menu that is translated https://yelp.to/qTKq/HfNeLDofuS

In the lau hot pot section, #67 is really interesting—medicinal goat stew hot pot- haven’t seen that anywhere.

The extras section (top 3) has some classic viet pickles—mustard greens, bean sprouts and chives, and thai eggplant with fermented shrimp.

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Thanks @hppzz!

Although it looks like #65 - 67 aren’t translated (but you clarified one of them). What are the other two? :slight_smile: Thanks.


65 is bitter melon hot pot with fish (bronze feather back) is what google is telling me. 66 is the sour cat fish soup but served hot pot style with more accompaniments like noodles and prob more uncooked vegetables you put in yourself.


I won’t have strength in numbers so might not be likely for this time to try anything or much, but all this information particularly the family style dishes is great!! Perhaps move it to the Little Saigon Thread at some point, but I’ll let master @JeetKuneBao do the honors of reporting when he visits!

In the future, FTC meetup at one of these places. Wine & Sake dinner!! Then repeat at Newport Tan Cang Seafood or your best Bo 7 Mon place!


This donut place just opened in Tustin:


looks very promising and is very close to Cream Pan for double dessert possibilities.


Excellent donuts. They were empty Sunday at 7:15am but it should be much more crowded. I hope it was the rain keeping people away.

Brambleberry donut = huckleberry donut at Sidecar. The Oliboli cake donut is really light. Not dense or heavy. Very well fried. Great jammy flavor. Would love to do a side by side test at the same time but I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Glaze donut was fried to order. A better less sweet version of Krispy Kreme. Great chew. Was still a bit warm after 15 minute drive home. My kids were fighting over this.

The oliiebolen are a nice mix of sweet and savory with the raisins, currants and nutmeg. It’s probably get more donuts instead next time.

Different type of experience than Sidecar. I like both and would definitely stop by if you’re at cream pan. Oliboli is making donuts in small batches. Only saw a few on the racks. They seem to have a good handle on quality. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences at Sidecar because of the quantity but that was a few years back. Definitely check out Oliboli. Very friendly owner who explains their baking process and differences in each type of donut.


Thanks for the thumbs up on this place. Been curious about them