October 2018 Weekend Rundown


Have you been to Coco Ichibanya? I really like their curry and it is super spicy. I think I got level 5 and it was pretty damn spicy.


Yup! I actually live within walking distance of Coco and enjoy it, but I like that slight sweetness that you get in Curry House’s curry better. I do love Coco’s spice levels, though. I get level 10 usually. :grin:


:scream::scream::scream: I could barely handle level 5.

I also like that you can adjust the rice level amount. But it makes sense that you enjoy Curry House if you like the sweetness.


My unsophisticated palate loves Curry House’s keema curry :yum:


Stopped by Baroo before it goes to that fermenting jar in the sky :disappointed_relieved:

Kimchi fried rice




For me, it’s their corn potage…



Shrimp torta :heart_eyes: why didn’t I order this before, the bread was crisped perfectly and the flavor excellent. I would order this again.

Hamachi tostada


Scallop fuckin tacos :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Sergio in da house

Not sure why I don’t come here more often.

Paratha Grill

Spinach paratha

Lamb curry


I may be kindred spirits with you and @thechez5. I, too, adore the corn pottage and I really enjoy the sweetness in the Curry House sauce, too.


Or it may simply be that we are all fans of tasty stuff!


Since 1888…


Since 1914…

Bagel and lox. A bit salty but delicious nonetheless!

Joe Smo

Exquisite crust. Not exquisite everything else.

Peek from below


Went to pitchoun this Sunday which opened at the Beverly center. The croissants were not very good had the plain and the almond. They both lacked the shattering crispness of the dtown location and were soft. Maybe they are still working out the kinks. The cocette eggs were very good.

Tsujita annex still solid dip ramen but the place smells lIke rancid fat which really kills the eating.


Where do you stand on Katz vs Langers?


Langers hands down. :sunglasses:


I’ve only been to Katz. Is there any way to explain you preference?


The double baked rye bread. Langer’s pastrami sandwich is just heads and shoulders above any of its competitors on both coasts.


So it’s the bread rather than the meat?


Chickalicious looked fantastic. Glad to see you made it there. Hope you enjoyed it!


The meat itself is superb as well. It’s the gestalt. Try it and you’ll see. There are things in life where words fail to describe the actual experience. Langer’s pastrami is one of them.


I see an LA visit in our near future :slight_smile: But we’re trying to go “off the grid” considering what’s happening so who knows? But thanks JL.


For me, it’s the superior toasted rye bread and overall balance of Langer’s sandwich that wins it. Langer’s #19 has a creamy slaw + sweet Russian collusion…I meant…dressing that tones down the sandwich’s heaviness.

Not on this particular night since it we JUST had desserts at EMP so this paled in comparison and it wasn’t cheap at all! $28 pre-tax and tip for what I posted. Unfortunately for Chikalicious, EMP had a course highlighting tomatoes which made Chikalicious’ tomato gelee tasted really artificial.