October 2018 Weekend Rundown


Wow prices have changed since I was last there…but to be fair, I was last there a few years ago. And it was highly regarded by the cousin who worked at Chef’s Table.


Not your fault at all. It’s because I picked the black truffle ice cream…


Okay, thanks for your reply Now I’m confused. What cost $28?


You can taste the crapiness of the Katz bread through the screen.


My Chikalicious tab.


What’s the “screen”? It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.


I can only surmise you haven’t eaten a lot of sandwiches


At my tender age of 71, I’ve eaten a lot of sandwiches.


Momofuku Ssam Bar

First customer of the day

7-Spiced Brisket Okonomiyaki - Great!

Stuffed Rotisserie Duck Ssäm - Great!

Some Rice Cakes with Szechuan Pepper - A-okay

Domnique Ansel

Nutella milky bread, rasphberry cronut, kouign amann, chocolate croissant

Great flaky texture but a bit sweet

Fan-fukin-tastic KA

Not flaky. Pass.

Bake Culture by some Taiwanese celebrities

Some F4 guys or whatevers



Some German custard thingy? Taste exactly like an egg tart.



Sad looking.


You gonna hit up Flushing?


To round out my NYC trip, I ended up at Howlin Ray’s today with @Chowseeker1999’s effusive praise of their chicken. This was my second visit.

Waffles were light, airy, and crispy. WOW!

Chicken Sando. Great combination of flavor with generous serving of moist chicken breast. The crust was semi crusty.

Collared greens and pickles.

Mild spiciness. Crust was fantastic with great crunch but tends to disintegrate quickly with large chunks falling off the very moist but rather bland meat. Oddly enough, FWIW, my friends and I much prefer Tokyo Fried Chicken’s marinated flavor and a lighter batter/crust. We also find Howlin Ray’s fried chicken much greasier and heavier even though @Chowseeker1999 finds the exact opposite to be true. :stuck_out_tongue:


No time! Stayed within Manhattan all 4 days.


And you explored the neighborhood well according to your photos…thanks for taking us along on your trip!


My feet are still recovering after 4 days of intense walking :joy:


Pollo a la Brasa (Gardena location). As good as ever.


#Hardcore #GoHardOrGoHome


The Shichida was recommended by Shunji-san. Crisp, and not overly sweet…


We were served two versions of this one. The brewery’s current offering and one aged for three years.


Quite a few years ago we did a little food crawl with MMRuth of CH which included lunch at Momofuku. A super memory.


Where we stay in Manhattan is only a block and a half from the subway…for which we’re VERY grateful.