Opening Day at Petco Park


or anywhere else.


Give it up homeboy. .


I’m guessing you aren’t following this closely. They aren’t going anywhere - the owners made it pretty unpalatable for the Chargers to move. They’d have to split the cost of that behemoth stadium that Kroenke is building if they moved to LA (the Spanoses have nowhere near that amount of money), or become lessee of the place (which wouldn’t give them access to the real stadium bucks). If they want to move anywhere else, it likely would be up for another vote.


I don’t follow it closely but I hope there won’t be billions of dollars spend on a useless stadium for commercial interest which will bring back much less money to the public instead of spending it for more important things like education etc.


Opening Day Baby…this Monday at 4pm…
Who’s going?
I am…I am. . :dancer:

UT had a deal of the East Village Block Party for 4 drink coupons (craft beer or cocktails) for $12…
Got those bad boys and then heading to McCormicks & Schmicks, since I have a free $50 credit and love going through on the Ped bridge, where you have the bartender, stamp your ticket.
Parking at the Hilton Bayfront is always a winner at $20 or less and walk over the Ped Bridge over Harbor Drive to Petco.

Thinking of Water Grill for some raw bar and a cocktail and Blind Burro for some guac & chips with a Ancho Chile Margie!
The Nolan sky roof lounge looks like a winner chicken dinner but maybe afterwards…



Playing the stinkin’ Dodgers!!
Go Pad’s!!!


Hopefully the season will be as successful as the years before and it’s over soon (every time they are playing it is annoying to go downtown to eat at any restaurant)


I’m going like I’ve gone to every opening day since the Pads have moved into Petco.

There are a few changes in concessions this year. Anthony’s appears to be a goner. Brigantine is the new seafood purveyor. Another new concessionaire is Paradise Bowls of LA South Bay, which will have acai and other fruit bowls available. Gaglione Brothers cheesesteaks is also new, along with a poke bar, a Lucha Libre, and a Yogurtland outlet.

Across 10th Avenue, a place called Carnivore will be featuring large Jewish deli sandwiches.


Been going from the Q days, every opening day and know a lot of the guys…it’s a love fest with all of them…lots of hugs and kisses!

The block party is always a riot…
Here is the latest from Eater on Petco…What to Eat edition…




How was the game ?


Probably a good thing that the baseball season isn’t a “one game winner take all.”

At least if you’re a Padres fan.


At least they made history today


My beloved Herr Honk, true to his :flag_de: roots, with his schadenfreude humor!



Let’s just say it’s going to be an awfully long season


15 zip, ouch! Too bad the pros don’t have the mercy rule. I think we already know how the Pads are going to be, but how was the food? Anybody eat at any of the new vendors?


Congratulations Plum - only 3-0

(Now let’s hope that also the Chargers move away and everything is perfect)


Oh no…Herr Honk is on the ‘Plum’ Posse bandwagon…


After the block party of cocktails, headed over to Mc Cormicks at the Omni, since I had a $25 freebie on my card, and it was HH…
Had a couple $5 Moscow Mules and wait for it…a cheeseburger for $5 too with fries…damn good burger and the patty was way too big…I don’t want to taste all that meat…makes me start thinking :cow:

It was SO packed at the everywhere…it was so much fun but way too many stinkin’ Dodger fans!
I liked bustin’ their :egg:

Had a Mr. Softee in a mixed waffle cone…delicious!
We decided we had enough to eat and drink and I just went around :hugging::kiss:my long time buds and we got to go up where no else gets to go and overlook the Park…yes, I have that kind of pull…:tongue:

Lots of great Craft beer, food options, everywhere, pricey but I gotta say, we have one ga ga gorgeous :baseball: Park!


Opening Day tixs have been bought…April 7th on a Friday at 3:40 pm against SF…

Love the block party and I like to see all my buddies at the Omni’s Mc Cormick & Schmicks and use my freebie $25 Landry’s bday for happy hour…

Being that it’s on a Friday, we’ll get a room at either the Omni or Marriott, so we can get our party on.

Whatcha got for this baseball chica to wup it up in East Village?