Opening Day at Petco Park


We don’t get education dollars from local taxes. It comes from the state. A stadium, built or unbuilt, has nothing to do with education budgets.


Go Giants !!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Water Grill for oysters.

O My Taco for “Soy-rizo” tacos


For Cajun and Creole, Bud’s Louisiana Express has opened a few blocks from Petco on F Street.


Water Grill for oysters sounds perfect with a cold beer or voddie and Pom…
Love me Soy-Rizo tacos too…

Thanks baby Sledge…


I LOVE flying up to see the Giants…
It’s the stinkin’ Dodgers that are no bueno…:-1:

What happened to my beloved Lefty’s in SF?


We still have snot rocket as the number one lefty . Dodgers are no bueno as you said .


Hasta la vista, Lefty O’Doul’s. I understand the restaurant owner and the landlord are fighting over the name. The resto owner wants to open at another location, and the landlord wants to reopen under the same name in the same location. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, Tommy’s Joynt is still open. :slight_smile:


Oh that’s what plume was talking about . Yea Lefty’s , that a big mess .


If Weaver is going to be the Pads Number One, it is going to be a long freaking season. Dodgers, no bueno you say? Did you forget who is managing the Dodgers? San Diego’s own Dave Roberts. And who is the Dodger first baseman? Some guy that the Padres shipped off, oh lets see, he goes by A-Gone.


Si papi. .
Are you going opening day bruddha?


I can’t believe that my beloved Lefty’s for almost a hundred years plus is gone…
I’ve had so many unbelievable memories through the years…partying with the players till 2am and then taking the party in the streets and then watching them all play ball the next day, singing at the piano bar, bloody’s before a game…


Well, hopefully, they can get Lake Petco drained before opening day…


Nah, working. But should be able to pull up the FSSD feed in the office. The cool thing is T. Gwynn Jr. is back down in SD, which is where he belongs, helping out on the broadcasts. You listen to him, and you almost think that it is his dad doing the voice work.


So happy that T Gwynn Jr is back in SD too…
I so beloved Tony and I cherish a pic of he and I on opening day a year before he passed and we talked and walked up to Petco and he felt he could beat the cancer and we hugged it out and I knew right then, it wouldn’t be.



Anyone been to Whiskey Bar in the Gaslamp?
Looks so good and friend LOVED this place!

Got 4 drink coupons from the UT SD Tribune for $12…sweet…
Need to hit up the Water Grill…McCormicks and Whiskey bar…woo hoo.

Let’s go Padres, Let’s Go!!!


Maybe Ray Manzearek has been there?


OMG…what a friggin’ blast opening day…
Drank Tito’s vodka and red bull with a splash of pineapple with my $3 drink coupon from the UT at the block party…
Bud’s line was long and was gonna hit it up but decided to meander to my usual McCormicks & Schmicks at the Omni…fish tacos on happy hour with drinks specials…
The parking Gods gave us a spot a block away from Petco…thank you parking Gods!
Saved me $30+ buckaroos!

Tivoli’s for drinks…classic…

It is SO crazy for Opening Day and the food and drink at Petco is solid and so proud to have Petco in our backyard!