Orange County Bound - Is There "Drive-Worthy" Food There?


I’ll have to ask the next time I go.

The chef from Good Girl Dinette is Pho 79 fam

I like Pho Dakao for chicken pho (saw your post)


Oh my. I’ve been reading these posts talking about Pho 79 and just realized I used to go there (on Hazard) maybe 15 years ago on a regular basis.

I’ve told this on another board but one day, as we were entering the place, there was a man wielding a huge knife and yelling at everyone. Our entrance must have distracted him and gave a very brave man the opening to jump him from the side and subdue him. Scary situation ended peacefully but with police on their way it was no time to stay for lunch. That day we wound up at a sister location which may be gone now.



Thank you for the comparison post! I have yet to make the trek to Pho 79, but Pho 45 is my current favorite, mainly because of the sublime broth. I’ll try Pho 79 and get the side oxtail, as I hear that’s what the insiders are all about.




Pho 79 Oxtail.


I thought the Champion noodle soup was good. Very good thick noodles. It may have been a little too refined for me and lacking a little punch you normally get from spicy beef noodle soup.

The wontons in spicy sauce and green onion pancake were excellent.


We really like Jagerhaus for their breakfasts. Excellent corned beef hash, etc. GF loves their farmers breakfast. Good ham too. Extensive menu.


The beef noodle soup broth is definitely less impactful but more nuanced. I enjoy the lightness of the broth, but my last visit I have noticed a less spicy broth.


Yes just wanted a little bit more spice and kick. But if given the choice I’d rather take the lighter non oily broth at Chef Hung. I think with age I starting to prefer the more nuanced less oily broths in my Asian noodle soups. Some of the fatty umami bombs at ramen places are starting to not agree with me as well.


This place makes my favorite sauerkraut in the world! Was out in Anaheim on business and randomly went there just a week ago. Ordered a humble plate of bratwurst, sauerkraut, and potato pancakes. Really surprised that such a small, somewhat kitschy places makes most things in-house, and so well! I love the mustard they make as well, I should’ve asked if they sell it by the bottle!


I just enjoyed a meal at Irenia in DTSA, 4th & Broadway. The pork adobo was melt-in-your-mouth delicious!