Oriel Chinatown


You can’t miss it. Right under the Gold Line track with that neon lighting looking like something out of Blade Runner. They are a wine bar with French bistro eats. Not much of a drinker so I can’t tell you much about the wine. I came for the food. This place would be perfect for a relaxing date night.

The menu

I already had some noodles a few hours before so I didn’t go for the meat-fish dishes on the bottom of the menu.

Frisée Salad. Sherry, croutons, lard ons, and an egg. Nicely dressed and flavored but the egg yolk was overcooked unfortunately.

Duck In A Jar. You are going to want to get this!! The pate had some clove-cinnamon notes that went perfect with the onion jam and grain mustard. Make sure you get a little of the jam and mustard on each bite. Wonderful dish.

Service was great from Paola, who is quite a foodie herself. Next time she recommends I get the fish and Parisian Gnocchi.

And ahem a much comfortable dining experience than Petit Trois.


Yeah, the Loup de Mer is great. That skin!


This sounds like my perfect place. Thank you!