Orlando and Cape Canaveral Eats


We’ll be in town for Spring Break. Going to spend a Friday in the Cape Canaveral area, and a Saturday in the Orlando (Hilton resort) area for our pre and post-cruise stays. There will be three families with children of varying ages (6-15). Looking for places we can eat together or grab an easy bite on-the-go. It’ll be our first time in this part of Florida.


It’s been a couple of years that I darkened that resort door at Grande Lakes but had some good eats in Cocoa Beach, which is right of the Cape…

Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster is a seafood shack that is da bomb!
OMG…always packed but delicious…grouper sandwich is outstanding…clam chowder…
Eat as much grouper as you can in Florida…so damn good!

Also, Fishbones, is a great casual place for sports, late night place for the whole family.
Miller’s Ale House is along the same type and we had good food and drink.

Norman’s at the Ritz is very good…
Hit up a Cuban bakery/restaurant too.


Thanks, @Plumeria. This is very helpful!


I left the Orlando area in 04, so don’t think I’ve much to offer in terms of restaurant recommendations.

I totally agree with @Plumeria on eating grouper, though.

For an interesting experience, Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, off 520 and a couple miles east of I95, in Cocoa (not Cocoa Beach) is very “Florida”: I recall a lot of fried food and plenty of local color:


High Tide Harry’s off Semoran in Orlando was a regular spot for us: recall enjoying the conch fritters:

If you’re looking for food to go, the Publix Supermarket chain has a decent deli and bakery. (My deathbed meal would likely include one of their cinnamon rolls - softball sized with cream cheese frosting.)

I know there’s been a lot of developments off 50/Colonial Drive toward downtown with immigrants opening restaurants and introducing new dishes to the community. No idea if it’s “good ‘X’ for Orlando” or just plain good.

Some discussion of the area on HungryOnion (though not recent):

Edited to add:
Googled the Hilton location; given the number of people you’re traveling with, and the resort location, you might be better off eating there or at one of the other resorts/theme park areas.

The theme parks are all set off from Orlando proper which can make getting to downtown/elsewhere challenging.


Thanks, @ElsieDee! This is good info. The only time I’ve ever been in FL is via a layover at the airport. I’m certainly looking forward to trying the grouper now.
My youngest is a cinnamon roll addict…I will definitely look for a Publix market while in the area.