Pailin advanced


Based on this thread, I ventured to Pailin last night at 8pm. Unfortunately, parking in the neighborhood by then was worst than impossible. I circled the adjacent three blocks four times and gave up.
Palin is adjacent to numerous apartment complexes with few other business open in the evening. As a result, not a single open parking space was available.


wow… that’s brutal… never happened to me in my dozens of visits but I dont think we’ve ever gone after parking meters turn off. i’m sure the huge plaza at western wouldn’t have noticed you being there.


Tried a couple more things I really loved with white wine


Hi @Nemroz,

Nice! What’s the 2nd pic? What did you think of it? Thanks.


It’s a glass noodle salad with seafood, pork, white fung. I loved it. Light, refreshing but packs a punch in flavor. Spicy and loads of good acidity.


ok their Pork Shoulder over rice is a really great dish… it has a similar preparation to that Pa Low dish above… very fragrant aromatic sweet saucing… loads of cinnamon… comes with a very nice chili sauce that’s surprisingly not nuclear hot


We just keep trying new things there and it’s crazy how much range this place has.

clams we’ve had before, lovely with beer… theirs are quite briney… and dont mind the broken shells, woks are a tough instrument

sausage and beer is always welcome with some of the hot hot green sauce they have hiding in the back

kid is all about the shrimp cake and sticky rice…

and then this! this soup was the new thing we tried… no clue what it’s called… they recommended it… and it’s on the right side under the noodles. it’s sour… and sweet… and the fish (swai) is gentle and works well here, omelettes or pancakes with acacia greens? wild stuff… supposed to be spooned over steamed rice, but we just rocked the sticky icky…


That looks like the acacia leaf omelet soup. They have that at Jitlada; the one there is one of the most explosively spicy dishes I have eaten/enjoyed. Wonder if this is basically the same thing.


Beer is BYO, yes?


Definitely not at Pailin. Explosively spicy is why i avoid jitlada with my gastritic ass


finally tried the yen ta fo. tastes like brunswick stew.


What’s that?


Finally went back in the new year.


What is the 1st and 3rd pic?


Shrimp with silver noodle ($10) and sour bamboo salad ($8), great light lunch. The bamboo was quite mild compared to the funky, stinky I’ve had in SF. Thanks to @Nemroz for the tips.


I love the shrimp with silver noodles dish. One of my favorites.


I think I have a problem


Those a really good problems.


The Nam Prik Ong is damn good. I like it more than the Nam Prik Noom.

The Nam Prik Ong is like a ragu sauce, I seriously wouldn’t mind it over some spaghetti!

I am going to give a rec for Pailin’s Nam Prik Ong, the Chiang Mai Ragu Dip. Aroy mak mak!!


Even better for a birthday party of 12. They will take a res if you need one. Just missed being able to order their
last kaffir lime leaf fish