Paris trip report


I put this list of places she recommended in my phone:

Au Pied de Fouet, 6, 7, 11, classic bistro
Benoit, 4, classic bistro
Brasserie Balzar, 5, open all day
Breizh Cafe, 3, galettes
Cafe Craft, 10, coffee
Chez Andre, 8, daily noon - 1 am
Chez Denise, 1, M-F until 5am
Chez René, 5, ultra-traditional bistro
Comptoir Poilane, 3
KB Cafeshop, 9, coffee
Lazare, 8, brasserie
L’Epicurise, 15, lievre a la royale
Les Botanistes, 7, clapotins (sheep’s trotters)
Minipalais, 8, open all day, rooftop terrace
Philou, 10
Septime La Cave, 11, wine bar
Ten Belles, 10, coffee
Terroir Parisien, 5, salade frisée
Vivant Table, 10, Racines guy’s new wine bar


You’re there for a month? Are you in an apartment? I can’t imagine not cooking in a place like Paris…for a MONTH!!!


But won’t you have a computer? Color me confused.


Yes, a month. We’ve done this before in Florence, Hawaii & Provence (Vaison la Romaine). Retirement has its advantages & a month’s rent isn’t really more than 10 days in a hotel, while round trip airfare is the same either way. We’ve rented an apartment on the edge of the Marais that borders the 11th. And we’ll probably do some cooking, although anyone who knows us in NYC knows that this is a pretty infrequent event. We have several old CH friends there to join for dinner & we’ll try to get another lunch or two in with John Talbott as well. As for computers, the answer is also yes. Two iPhones & 2 iPads come with us and the apt. has wi-fi. Sorry for the confusion… I was only asking Robert about whether he had used a specific app (Patricia Wells) when there (before I decided whether or not to download it myself).


Ah, thanks. Certainly if you rarely cook at home then… I’m almost crazy(er) if I can’t cook for 10 days.