Pasadena Updates


Not new, but Father Nature makes a darn good vegan baklava, as well as a very nice black bean hummus.


a return visit was made with 3 others and we decided to eat family style when we saw that a half chicken $13.95 & $1.50 for an extra bowl of rice was cheaper than 2 orders of HCR at $9.99. then we went to a whole chicken, an order of the fried chicken rice, the wings and a side order of veggies.

the whole chicken (boned) came out on two plates

and i neglected to take a pic of the fried hainan chicken order

rice &* veggies:

and an order of the wings:


The Vons at Colorado/Sierra Madre is having a grand “reopening” on Wednesday, the 28th (note that they haven’t actually been closed during the remodeling).

Store now offers: a large salad bar (located near the Starbucks), including fresh fruit/yogurt; the sushi area, sandwiches, and deli salads as before; a new noodle/wok/build your bowl station with poke; a large buffet area with hot foods in chafing dishes (all the noodles looked horribly dried out/crunchy); expanded bakery; and the entire produce section has been rearranged. Many staff members are still trying to figure out where stock has been moved to and what items the store has stopped carrying.

Further east on Colorado, at 3819 E Colorado Blvd, a Dots Cafe and Bakery opened. Based on one visit I don’t think we’ll be back. (Dried out, painfully sweet cupcakes; inept/oblivious/ambivalent service; and the “cafe” offerings are rather dismal from what we could see.)


I finally tried this place. Their dark meat option speaks to me. The rice borders on being too hard/dry, but otherwise, decent addition to the neighborhood.


Maybe that is the best of capitalism: inferior restaurant close to make room for better ones.


tried some donuts from donut friend over the weekend and gotta say they were pretty tasty.


i was never a fan, but they lasted 20 years in pasadena, moving to chinatown, of all places.


They were high end. I wonder if Chinatown will work for them?


they’re taking (IIRC) the belle BBQ spot slightly SW of chinatown (as i think of it).


I’ve been to the new Community Kitchen now about handful of times, and their breakfast burrito as well as fried chicken sandwich are worth a detour north of the 210.

And they carry Fermensch Kombucha. Win win.

Community Kitchen
1399 Washington Blvd., Pasadena
(NW corner of Washington and Hill)


washington and hill, actually


You’re right. Brain fart on my part.




actually i had to look it up myself, but i knew that the liquor place was on the NW corner of hill and allen. priorities.


There is no corner of Hill and Allen. (Mission Liquor is Washington/Allen)


my turn for a brain fart, hill and washington,


Ding’s Garden is open (across from PCC), next to Banh Mi Che Cali.


hit up Lunasia today, pretty good, esp. for Pasadena. Giant portion sizes. Lower on the salt levels than most.


Definitely lower in sodium than Mama Lu’s, but more expensive.


$25pp today. Good value I thought given the portion sizes.


Went here today so I thought I’d share some photos and initial recon:

Boy that spicy beef tendon… Definitely one of the better ones (if not just the outright best) I’ve had, but my observations might be a little bit tinted due to the total sh–show that I had at Szechuan Chef last week. There are not enough words in the life to rant about that place so I’ll can it… but the cold beef tendon here was really nice.

Puzzled as to why they didn’t pull this dying piece of cilantro that is now front and center in front of a collection of probably the most discerning group of SGV diners in one place-- not a good look. I also generally like my cucumbers cut smaller for this dish, but probably just a preference thing.

All I remember from my days eating at Ding’s in Rowland Heights as a wee lad was the beef noodle soup was good. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled with better over time. I love the broth, but the noodles were mushy and a few ticks overdone (nothing close to bursting).

I also had the shrimp fried rice (not pictured). Pretty standard stuff except the shrimp tasted great! Snappy, bursting with a slightly sweet flavor and the size of a small infant’s fist-- definitely not your fast-takeaway shrimp on your shrimp fried rice.

Anyway, it’s quite similar to the Ding’s in Rowland foodwise, if not downright identical. Obviously the ambiance is a little different… another funny quirk: They brought my beef out in those paper boats that you put snack bar nachos in, and my girlfriend’s shrimp fried rice on a paper plate. At the same time I saw the staff taking dinner and eating their noodles on an actual plate. Not that I care all that much (it’s pretty early in the game, wouldn’t be surprised if the dinnerware hasn’t been fully prepped), I just thought it was funny. If I was hosting guests I’d probably do the same thing since I wouldn’t want to do their dishes :laughing:.