Pasadena Updates


No way! My parents were there with you?!


Hahaha I’m just shouting out FTC’s robust SGV game


They haven’t added the menu, but website looks pretty good. False advertising. :confused:


i’ve visited the recently opened san gabriel branch as few times. if the price & quality are comparable, this would be a big deal. i’m partial the four item cold plate myself.

and the beef noodle soup isn’t bad


I visited the newly opened Pasadena branch and give it two thumbs up. Pretty roomy inside considering the space. Definitely catered to the Chinese PCC students. The food is comparable to any of the similar places you’d find 10 minutes south. I got the beef tendon noodle soup and the texture of the noodles were perfect, tendon was soft, soup was plenty spicy when I requested “medium spice.” My colleagues got the dan dan mian and the vegetable cold noodle and both of them were quite happy.

I am glad to see decent Chinese spots opening up in Pasadena.