Pasadena Updates


No way! My parents were there with you?!


Hahaha I’m just shouting out FTC’s robust SGV game


They haven’t added the menu, but website looks pretty good. False advertising. :confused:


i’ve visited the recently opened san gabriel branch as few times. if the price & quality are comparable, this would be a big deal. i’m partial the four item cold plate myself.

and the beef noodle soup isn’t bad


I visited the newly opened Pasadena branch and give it two thumbs up. Pretty roomy inside considering the space. Definitely catered to the Chinese PCC students. The food is comparable to any of the similar places you’d find 10 minutes south. I got the beef tendon noodle soup and the texture of the noodles were perfect, tendon was soft, soup was plenty spicy when I requested “medium spice.” My colleagues got the dan dan mian and the vegetable cold noodle and both of them were quite happy.

I am glad to see decent Chinese spots opening up in Pasadena.


According to Yelp (, King of Ramen, located at the northeast corner of Colorado and Sierra Madre Blvds (in where Lupita’s is, and with Plate 38 on the corner) is now open.

Some veg options on the menu so will stop in at some point - not being a ramen aficionado, am not the best person to comment on authenticity, etc.


Company “origin” story:


sichuan is coming to old town, of all places, chong qing yao mei filed as a business about a month ago and now boasts a storefront on the north side of green street west of fair oaks.


Not since Yujean Kang…


Just noticed there’s a Kopan Ramen now open on Colorado, kinda on the eastern edge of old town, by BJ’s. Yelp pictures look like a lot of people are ordering sushi rolls, so I’m not brave enough to go and try their ramen.


kopan is good if you like 1 note tonkotsu broth.


It’s ok. I think Tatsunoya which is ~6 blocks away is better.


Thanks for the intel. Tatsunoya is in the category of “It gets the job done if I don’t want to drive anywhere far from work” for me.


I think they took over the spot from a previous Chinese hot pot type place. The space is huge and has a bar setup, so I’m guessing not cheap. I wonder how long this one is going to last.


maybe all the allegedly advanced eaters on the west side will drive there.


Crackin Kitchen is now open.

I had the pleasure of parting with $20 for a lobster roll.


I work across the street but haven’t been. Anything else you like other than the lobster roll? I think you liked it?


No, I did not like it at all.

It was too sweet. The mayo reminded me of miracle whip and I like miracle whip. Plus, the sweet Hawaiian bun just accentuated the overall sweetness the sandwich.

In a weird way it reminded me of a Taiwanese potato salad sandwich.


AKA only the tastiest thing on planet Earth (if done right).



I used to get up early on Saturday mornings and skip the cartoons just so I could got to the market with mama ipsedixit and pick up some potato salad sandwiches from the deli inside DiHo market.


Bulgarini Gelato Vino Cucina has applied for a restaurant permit at 656 E. Green Street.