Pasadena Updates


Nice. I hope it works out better than the Culver City outpost.


Okay I am intrigued. Does this,, seem like a faithful recreation? I am very fond of her cookbook so I hope so. Making the tastiest thing on planet Earth is something I would dearly love to do!


It looks ok, but really, why not just go buy one? Or two, or three, or four. And then invite me over?


I wonder if part of the enjoyment is growing up it. I love the potato salad, too, but I think other acquaintances who have tried it as adults are sometimes… confused by it.


It’s like Yakisoba Pan.

Either you get it. Or you’re just clueless.


Where? Google comes up with nothing in the LA area. I would love to buy some and invite you over…although I would rather make them. I like to cook more than I like to eat.


Makes sense. Growing up in Ann Arbor I have a thing for spaetzle, pumpernickel, apples, and mushrooms. Apart from the apples my wife thinks I am crazy.


JJ, Sunmerry, but my go-to is Cathy’s Bakery.


I must be from Michigan.

Love spaetzle with Taiwanese fermented bean curd. Pumpernickel bread makes for great bread pudding. And apples and mushrooms speak for themselves. People who don’t like them are heathens.


I won’t mention that to my wife. So when do you want to come over for Taiwanese potato salad sandwiches?


their potato salad sandwiches may sell out quickly, but beware of the shelf life of other goods there.


The rotisserie chicken at Rotisserie Chicken of California on Los Robles is crazy good. Crispy skin. Moist and well seasoned white and dark meat.

Everything else there is whatever. Bagged lettuce for salad, ok fries and steamed carrots/brocoli.

It’s all about the chicken here.


if you like chicken, you might consider trying fig sprout (on raymond). a few friends like the chicken there.

also, if no one mentioned it, yuca which replaced gerlach’s grille a while back, has gone dormant.


I was intending to go to Namaste Spiceland, but instead did a slight detour and went next door to Cafe Bambino.


Because sometimes you just have to have steak fries with your calzone. I mean, seriously, where else can you get quality steak fries with your calzone (or pizza if you prefer)?

Cafe Bambino
290 N Hill Ave


We’ve been bang-banging Namaste Spiceland and Bambino’s - a fun combination!

(Really like the Florentine pizza from the latter.)


I work across the street from Fig Sprout. Not bad but more pricey than Roti Chix of Cali. The sides are much better and more inventive at Fig Sprout but the chicken is not as good.


kinda off the beaten path…if Playhouse go-ers happen to head south, it could have a chance…


I tried Chef Box today.

And while I wouldn’t go out of my way to try their gourmet, local, organic, blah blah MRE’s, I do think that they are a viable option for the upcoming Hollywood Bowl season, or even just a picnic in the park.


Just glanced driving by, but appears a Major Dave’s Chicken is going in on Hill at Union, in that building that also houses the Dog Haus and Melt It.

I assume it’s a new location for this place:


i managed a couple of pictures last week;
their meat stuffed pastries:

This was their spicy beef

I also had one of their flat bread sandwiches made by the manager

and l let him choose what to put inside using one of the flatbreads covered in za’atar, i think i told him: make it how you like it. so i don’t know for sure what was inside, but it included tomato, mint, picked veggies

it was awfully good. i didn’t even care about the lack of meat. i did my take on one last night using a football sized telera from that huge mexican supermarket on huntington in el sereno, slathered with lebne cheese and blasted with za’atar with sliced tomato, my own pickled carrots and a little mint. it was close enough to make me happy.

oh yeah: total for the two - $6.

also, a friend recently back from paris says lavender and honey at hill & washington makes a grilled sandwich that’s a very good rendition of the grilled sandwiches he had in paris.