Pasadena Updates


ChefBox is not bad and they have good parking . Alot of stuff close to expiration goes on sale and we pile up to give to folks who are bored of the food in assisted living or to the homeless.


It’s a cute little yellow structure that used to house the embroidery/engraving business. It’s a good location being on a good artery, near the Playhouse, etc.

Is anyone interested in doing a FTC Meetup at Bulgarini for a dinner by Leo? He can take up to 15 people or so inside or it’s possible we could eat on the patio on a warm evening.


Sounds like you are speaking of the Altadena location?




@chewchow Count me in! I love Bulgarini gelato, gnocchi and tagliatelle.

This reminds me of the Clusi Batusi hounds dinner meetup in West LA a few years ago — I missed out on that one.


you may want to create a new thread for this




Would also be great to understand the BYOB situation! Definitely down.


Leo does exquisite wine pairings - Let him choose the wines.


Even better!


Anyone had dinner here at Bulgarini care to share their experience?


Gerlach’s! Memories! They had a grille? LOL


i was limited by time so i went to ding’s pasadena branch. saturday lunch - no students, but about 60% with every other party speaking fluent mandarin.

medium spicy beef noodle soup.

while it was quite good, the best part was when my lunch companion nursing a hangover took most of the broth and left the noodles. one of the staff saw that and replenished my bowl with more broth. score an extra point for that.

beef roll. what made it shanghai style as advertised on the menu eluded me, but it was good.

the XLB were thicker skinned construction wise, but had good flavor and maybe 1 tbls of broth in each dumpling. i wouldn’t have gotten them except they were advertised as including peanuts. i could taste the peanut but not in a bad way. and they brought out ginger without my having to ask.


finally made it to namaste.

2 items, samosa with chutney, rice, pickled vegetable and yogurt sauce

fried bread. the staff gave me look of begrudged respect when i specified fried instead of baked.


Had dinner at Bulgarini over the weekend.

Detailed review to follow.

One of the best dining experiences ever!!


i’m surprised that no one’s gotten excited over the prospect of canter’s pastrami available in old town starting june 15th; some 15-member kitchen united food hub opening on green street. there’s an article about it this week in the LA times.


If it’s anything like Canter’s Las Vegas outpost, you aren’t missing anything. Then again, I might be spoiled, because the last pastrami I ate before I tried the LV Canter’s, was from Langer’s. Canter’s doesn’t deserve to be in the same sentence.


From the press releases it looks like the company is pushing the “delivery” end of food service.


Chong Qing Yao Mei is now open in Pasadena on Green St., where the previous Hulun Beir used to be.


yeah, but IIRC you can also pick up orders there.