Pasadena Updates


yeah, but IIRC you can also pick up orders there.


truth be told, i’m not a big fan of LA deli’s in general having been on the east coast NYC in particular.


they finally opened? i mentioned them about a month ago.


Central Park has been remodeled and rebranded as Central Grille. They took down the photos, painted the walls burgundy. Menu is the same although prices seem to have risen about a dollar per item.


i’m near central park fairly often and i don’t think i’ve ever seen a patron there. but i’m also not a morning person.


I’ve only been in the evenings. Maybe that’s when they do most of their business.


is that when joey and monica show up?


LOL. It’s not Central Perk.


I’ve been to Central Park a few times in the morning, and each time I’ve left yearning for the day the Cheesecake Factory up the street would serve breakfast.


Shout out to Chronicle Wine Cellar. Small place with limited hours but interesting wines at fair prices. 3% discount if you pay cash.