Pasadena Updates


I agree that it’s a great idea. I was just channeling my inner “senior” Asian voice. :wink:


Still trying to convince my SO…


I’m assuming she is senior age
Metro rates for Seniors: .35 non commuter hours, .75 during commuter hours.
She would need to apply at the Metro office at Union Station.


Some buses coming out of the Sierra Madre gold line station might work.

264 for the Arcadia markets. Goes right in front of H-Mart, gets within a block of 99 Ranch and then passes Arcadia Supermarket, and eventually passes that market with the 2nd Luscious Dumplings and Yi Mei.

487 goes down San Gabriel, turns by the ex-Hong Kong Supermarket, then goes through that great stretch of Las Tunas (Newport/Golden/Luscious/Huitou/…) with the Mitsuwa, Yama Seafood (sushi monger), then goes south to run on Valley between New and Del Mar, so that’s the 168, the 99 Ranch megacomplex and Hawaii Supermarket. And then it gets on the 10 to Union Station, so it could be a full circle through Chinatown.

Dozens and dozens of restaurants that get good mention on FTC all along those routes, too.


Hi all, thanks for additional info. Stepped away a bit to do a murderous flight from the east coast to Australia. If it’s not tending to the mom, it’s the grandma :wink:


“hiring planned in 2108”

not sure i can wait that long


was catching the blues jam at the mixx (los robles & colorado) and noticed a sign advertising bun bo hue.

the place was known as beany’s cafe until a few years ago when it morphed into something like ginger & spice noodle & grill. where else can you go in pasadena for bun bo hue, pho, a turkey sandwich, a caesar salad, or a sausage avocado cheese melt?

they must be doing something right (or got a great lease deal) to have stayed open since 2009. has anyone ever been?


it’s a hard pass.


I’d rather brave 20 mins of traffic south and go to my usual places in San Gabriel. I got the pho an while it wasn’t terrible, it also wasn’t good.


The storefront that was Copenhagen Bakery (east of Rosemead on Colorado Blvd) has signage for Fantasy Frostings, near as I could tell.

The Los Tacos that moved into the burger place on Foothill at Craig (next to In-n-Out) appears to now be defunct.


New place opening up where Lost At Sea was. Menu does not look inspiring.

Walked by the old 800 Degrees (where Chef Tony is going into) twice in the past few weeks during lunch. No activity. Nobody in the space doing any sort of work. Not sure when they plan on opening but does not seem imminent.


FWIW, I’ve been to the ones in Gardena. They’ve become my favorite breakfast spot in LA. They’ve been left off every top breakfast spot list and I believe deserves consideration.


so it’s a great lease deal then?


Pretty sure Beany’s/Ginger&Spice survives solely on the employees of East West Bank’s corporate headquarters up the street, because it’s within walking distance. That area in between Old Town Pasadena and Lake is pretty poor for lunch options.


that stretch is kinda bereft of decent eating establishments.


You’re correct there. They even give bank employees a discount if you show them your building pass. At least, that’s what the person in front of me did when ordering.


Looks like Mamma’s Brick Oven Pizza info Rosemead, south of Del Mar in the old Burger King space, has closed - but just caught out of corner of eye.

The lot where Coco’s located (Colorado at Michillinda, technically Arcadia) has been sold. Apparently restaurant will be closed by the end of the year.


Allegedly, Coco’s is going to be replaced by a hotel.


Well, at least the food will be better.


It was always weird to me the way Coco’s would take their leftover “prime” rib from the night before and create breakfast steaks. So resourceful!