Pasadena Updates


It’s the bread pudding technique applied to meat products


the BK on lake has become a del taco. why?


Really? Are there any Burger Kings left in Pasadena? The one near PCC is Chick-fil-a; Rosemead became the now-closed Mamma’s Brick Oven Pizza; and now Lake’s one is Del Taco. Weird.


There’s one on Fair Oaks. Not the classiest, but it’s there.


Seems like they got threatened by the McDonald’s remodel.


it probably gets business from visitors to the huntington across the street.


That hospital has a surprisingly good cafeteria.


i’ve eaten there as a guest of an employee. it’s not bad - the fact that it’s subsidized for employees probably is a large part of why the cafeteria retains a fair percentage of employees at lunch, but some folks visiting patients might just want to get out of the building.


My favorite dim sum in North America.


Sublime dim sum, that Chef Tony


A jian bing (savory crepe??) place opened on Green next to Copa Vida: Me + Crepe

I haven’t had good luck eating jian bing here and pretty much gave up on finding something comparable to what I’ve had on the street in Shanghai, but this new place is probably the best I’ve had in LA. The key is that they use the right crunchy thing (not a you tiao/crueller), which is like a deep fried flat rectangular wonton wrapper. I tried their original and it was decent. Gonna go back for the roast duck and pork filling one.


Are you referring to a “jian bing guo zhe” (煎饼果子)?

Fortune No. 1 in Monterey Park still does these things well. (warning: OLD Chowhound review)


Breakfast yesterday. :wink: USD$1.00





great fried cinnamon bread


Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve had the one from Fortune No. 1 a long time ago, so maybe it’s improved, but when I got it, the batter was too thick and floppy. It was almost like a dan bing. Should I go back and retry?


gonna go try it for lunch today! Thanks for the rec


Got the Peking Duck at me+crepe. Pretty good. Great egg to skin ratio. Ask for light sauce. Also the mala hot sauce they put on is delicious (ask for spicy). But definitely as for light sauce as it starts to get heavy.

You can sub the crispy wonton skin out for chinese donut.


no more poutine: “SPUDD’S” at the SW corner of washington and allen is gone and has already been replaced. the predominant word in the new sign is: “shawerma”, but spelled with more letters than i’m used to seeing associated with the term… and i didn’t feel like circling back in the car to take another look.


two former partners of cafe beaujolais are opening up a french place in old town. i’m intrigued, but also leery of the fact that they’ll be paying old town rent.