Pasadena Updates


Last time we had omakase at the Pasadena location, it was really good. However, I noticed that the Little Tokyo location had a significant drop in quality when Chef Enya was spending most of his time in Pasadena. Haven’t been in a little while, but maybe the quality in Pasadena is also dropping because he is spending much of his time in MDR. I guess I need to try Pasadena again soon to judge.


Dan, the xlb spot next to Sugarfish on Lake is now soft-opened. They’re still controlling how many tables get seated at lunch, but if you get there right when they open (got there at 12 today), it should be no problem.

I got the crab xlb, which was decent, if you like the super thin wrapper type xlb’s. Slightly more crabby flavor than din tai fung. And definitely more crab – got a couple of shell fragments too, woo!

The oxtail noodle soup was also surprisingly good. The broth was a clear, but beefy broth. Noodles were nothing to write home about, but the broth was the star.