Pasadena Updates


since no one seems to have mentioned it, gerlach’s grill bit the dust this past summer. granted, it had gone downhill since grach sold the place a while back, but still lamentable. gerlachs’ has been replaced by yuca’s formerly of hollywood.

also, baja cali fish & tacos whose alhambra location has been packed on tuesdays because of the $.99 fish taco, is opening a branch on washington a few blocks west of altadena drive. expect long lines on tuesdays if their fish tacos are as good as the ones produced in alhambra. i can finish one in three bites, but it’s not a pretty sight. more dainty eaters might take five bites; that’s how large they are, one piece of crispy breaded fish.


I’m so glad you’re back.


Had no idea about Yuca’s. That info made my day! Hope they have the chile relleno burrito!


Lost at Sea is now experimenting with lunch hours. I think this is their first week opening it to the public. I went for lunch today and it was pretty empty. Unfortunately, the menu is pretty limited to sandwiches, salad, and bowls. I was hoping for more or less a pared down version of their dinner menu. But it sounds like they’re still working out the kinks w/ staffing for lunch and what the sweet spot is for the menu. I don’t see how they’d be able to compare w/ the other casual spots around that area for sandwiches in terms of price, but time will tell!


Speaking of Yuca’s, they are doing popups late night at 1886. Starting this Friday (the 15th) at 11:00.


Bru on Lake seems to have turned into Nick’s Restaurant (part of a chain?). Still in transition.


the domino’s at colorado & sierra madre has morphed into a BBQ joint. i want to say dickey’s but i caught only a glance going by.


It’s been a Dickey’s for a couple years; went in once (wanted a baked potato) and after the counter staff yelled at the people in line ahead of us we left.

I think the Dominos relocated further west on Colorado, down near the Taco Bell and Cameron’s Seafood intersection.


i am obviously not a domino’s patron.


The mac n’ cheese cubes are just…too much. My daughter likes them but she’s 12.

The pulled pork and short rib are both decent and I finally tried the fried chicken last time. That was decent - it’s not a super-battered crust so it doesn’t get the same crust but it was tasty and cooked well, nonetheless.


Damn, didn’t realize Gerlach’s is gone (but I also haven’t been there in ages). Is Yuca’s any good? I’m down for more Yucatan cuisine but this seems…kind of limited.

How does Baja Cali compare with, say, Tacos Baja on Whittier in East L.A.?


i believe yuca’s is mexican.

there’s a baja cali in alhambra. last week there was quite a line. don’t know about tacos baja. but the $.99 fish tacos on tuesdays are quite popular. one piece of nicely crispy fried fish and large enough to take at least four bites and i’m not a dainty eater.

the red onions on the side are flavored with herbs that include oregano.

and yes, i ate 6 of them.

the pasadena location has yet to open, but they look close to being ready.

so i went to tacos ensenada (altadena on lincoln in the same parking lot at super king)

for my $.99 fish taco fix

slightly smaller, not quite as crispy, but still a 3-4 bite sized fish taco for $.99.

and since we’re in the neighborhood, tacos ponclitan sp?)across the street on lincoln serves tacos on thurs (and possibly friday) nights. they specialize in cuisine from guadalajara/jalisco w/ DIY salsa bar.

of particular interest are the cebolitas (sp?) deep fried


True, but it’s also more regionally Yucatan. If not in focus, then certainly in fame.


i stand corrected. i keep forgetting that mexico boasts, what, something like eight distinct regional cuisines…


Apparently, somebody wants to open a tavern/restaurant at the corner of Green and El Molino. Competition for Trejo’s and The Stand.


if you’re going to drive, go east to lee’s hoagie house on colorado & roosevelt and get their chicken hoagie.

or up to old sasoon bakery on allen for fresh lamajeune.

or the sandwich at roma market on lakei (but i haven’t had one there for a while. i might actually stop and get one now.).

roma market sandwich

or try mi alma (korean couple took over alberto’ across from pcc about a year ago.) if you have a hankering for a bulgogi taco. the 3 fish taco plate for $7 (?) isn’t a bad deal either.


Thanks for the tips. I think I might drive more often for lunch. There seems to be a lot of good options within 10 minutes.

The lamajeune looks amazing.

Roma Deli was ok. I’ve picked up the sandwich for $5 and eaten at my desk. I wish they had more stuff on the sandwich like lettuce, onions, peppers, etc…


Have you been recently? Lee’s revamped their menu sometime this spring - no longer offering the big hoagies, expanded the menu, too.

I still love the place but orders have been hit/miss as of late. (With the caveat that we don’t eat meat and so I’ve no idea as to any changes in that quality; I did love the chicken, years ago.)


i was at lee’s about a month ago, had a chicken hoagie (which is about the only thing i’ve eaten there since the late 90’s). the prices have crept up a bit over time, but no more than anywhere else. i did notice the revised menu.


Green Street Taqueria has closed. It’s being replaced by Green Street Eatery which (after refurbishing) will serve Middle Eastern/Armenian cuisine.