Pasadena Updates



I’m pretty ossified in my croissant (and baguette) routine.


i will be there next tuesday or the fish taco special!!! missed it yesterday.


Chicken taquitos were quite good. They didn’t give me any potato chips to go. Will have to remember next time.

I walked by Lost at Sea yesterday at 12:15pm and there was not 1 patron in the restaurant for lunch. The Himalayan Tibetian lunch buffet across the street was packed. They generally have about 2 chicken dishes and 4-5 veggie dishes including pakoras. The naan is very good. $13 all in with tip.


I heard they are doing the $0.99 fish taco special all week since they are running with a limited menu this week.


I walked by Lost at Sea yesterday at 12:15pm and there was not 1 patron in the restaurant for lunch.

Yeah, that was my impression when I went too. They’re really struggling to find their niche in the lunch hours. I think they’re aiming for a brisk take-out business at lunch from the workers around the area, but it’s hard to compete on price, but workers aren’t willing to risk paying so much for takeout food.


I just had the avo and shrimp eclair and it was pretty good. I usually avoid eclairs because I don’t have a sweet tooth, but the savory one hit the spot. I also was curious and tried their croissant. Not bad for Pasadena and certainly better than the croissants that some coffee shops nearby are serving.


Just went there and they informed me that the full menu will go into effect next Monday and the .99 cent fish taco special will revert to Tuesdays only. Three tacos were a pretty filling portion for me.


Has anyone tried Bistro Mon Cheri? It’s at the corner of Colorado Blvd and Mentor, where Euro Pane is located, on the second level. It’s an intriguing menu, I think.




It’s pretty good. For Pasadena.

But if you’re there, you’re just better off going to Euro Pane a down the street.


Seems like a different sort of restaurant, no?


Different than what?


As I get it Sumi has a California-French cafe where one might have coffee, pastries, a sandwich or soup for breakfast or lunch whereas Kimmy has an Asian-French fusion spot where one would go for a range of entrees for lunch or dinner.


Bistro Mon Cheri is like Tommy Tang’s reincarnated.

Which just means its like Saladang down the street on Fair Oaks.

So, no, it’s not different than anything Pasadena has seen, sees now, or will probably see in the future.

Superficial Asian fusion cuisine passed off to the generally ossified mainstream diners of Pasadena/So. Pasadena/La Canada/San Marino.


Hah! I remember when Tommy Tang was in Old Town. (Hell, I remember when he was on Melrose.) Wonder what he’s up to? Catering?
Wasn’t Saladang sold?


Yes, I believe it was.

But Saladang is still selling what tastes like pre-packaged frozen Hungry-Man versions of Thai dishes, and Saladang Song has now become Saladang Garden (or something).


It’s alright for Pasadena, but not really a destination location. I’d go there if I was working nearby and pressed for time. Otherwise, I’d drive the extra 10 mins south to the SGV.


Twohey’s is expanding to Pasadena, on Foothill Blvd next to the revamped McDonald’s in the old Nueva Posada spot. New place will be called Twohey’s Tavern. This likely explains all the menu changes at the Alhambra location, if they’re trying new recipes.

Partner walked by the new place tonight and mentioned it when he got home; quick search shows that Eater knew about this in June:


Interesting, we used to go to Twoheys a lot due to the kids. Thanks for sharing.


I’d mentioned the menu changes back in June - figured they were trying to reach a new clientele.


the soft opening menu was still up when i went yesterday, i should have asked for clarification. i guess i was giddy about the fact that the place was pretty much empty and i didn’t have to wait very long for eight tacos to go

(there are no tables or chairs yet).