Pasadena Updates


Thanks for the reminder: I’ve yet to make it there!


Yeah, it closed in April and re-opened as a Vallarta Supermarket just after Thanksgiving.


don’t forget when the ralph’s on lake closed. an aldi’s opened a few blocks away months later.


… and H Mart opened up in the former Ralphs space in Arcadia.


again? they did some about 6 years ago IIRC. i hated it.

and slightly to the north, that ill fated walmart opened just north of SK and folded within 6 months. somebody’s head had to have rolled over that major capital expense & loss.


I do love that aldi’s on Lake. Far for me but such fun! They have the old address for a Fresh and Easy store - but did a total new build. It’s lovely!


it seem that aldi’s in general is not a place to go when you have a shopping list but more a place to go when you’re shopping on a budget, if that makes sense.


I agree, it’s not a place I’d go all the time as it doesn’t always have what I need.

But it does have certain basics every day and, I have a dear friend with three teenage boys - Aldi’s is her salvation! She isn’t married to having a certain brand, so for her? To have one place where she can stop and buy bags upon bags of healthy stuff for less? Joy.

For me, to be able to get their turkey pepperoni sticks is almost worth the drive itself :yum:


Yep; looks like mainly in the produce area - at least as of my last visit, right after New Years. It’s our default store, as it’s physically the closest, but they keep changing what they’re stocking and so now we’re also having to hit the Ralph’s at Hastings Ranch, too. Frustrating.


What moved into the old Albertson’s space on Sierra Madre at Michillinda?


even from s. pas it made sense for me to hit super king on a weekly basis. even if you took NY across to lake and then took woodbury to lincoln it’s probably a max of 15 minutes one way. (or if you’re close enough to the 210 to justify hopping on and taking it to lincoln) just kale at 2 bunches for $.99 alone makes it worth it. let’s put it this way; i regularly hear mandarin & cantonese being spoken by shoppers - that’s how far they’re driving to shop there.

truth be told, i couldn’t tell you to save my life, even though i went to that cuban place mimi’s for lunch regularly before it closed (they still cater cuban style turkey for thanksgiving & christmas out of their home, if you’re interested.)

i confess that their haribo brand gummy bears for less than $1 is probably what i purchase the most there.

i’ve become so loyal to SK i have yet to visit there.


No, it doesn’t.

Unless you are ok with budgeting 25¢ just for the privilege of using a shopping cart.


if it’s that much of a hassle to be carrying a quarter that you are supposed to get back, your life problems are unfathomable to me.


I can’t remember the last time I had coins on me.


Remember how the baggage carts at LAX used to give back quarters when you returned them?


No, but then I never used baggage carts.


A new soft-serve shop, The Pond Ice Cream, just opened up in Arcadia (or “a suburb of Pasadena” or “Pasadena adjacent”?).

Small selection of flavors, ube, milk tea, Viet coffee and maybe one other one I’m blanking on. They have charcoal waffle cones (what are we? still in 2017??).

The Pond Ice Cream
55 E Duarte Rd (cross street, Santa Anita)


Pardon my nostalgia.


i suppose it’s a nuisance if you go through TSA a lot.


cluck2go opened about 2 months ago near the corner of allen and colorado, allegedly is a branch of man chan in rowland heights and offers hainan chicken rice. i would have tried it today but they’re closed on mondays.