Pasadena Updates


Precheck baby.


Oh, is that what it’s it’s called? I passed by the other day and could only read Hainan Chicken Rice as I drove by.


Brisket sandwich from Bone Kettle. $12 with a very nice not overly salty au jus and side salad. You can get fries instead. Basically an Asian version of French dip. Nice toasty baguette they buy but didn’t know from where. Waiter said it was basically bread for bahn mi sandwiches.

Prefer this Asian dip over the French dip around the corner at Marlowe.


This place has really grown on me. I enjoy just about every one of their noodle dishes.

And the MaPo Tofu is surprisingly very good.


FYI sk has great pepperoni sticks for pizza in the deli, natural casing and cooks to perfect chalices of pepperoni grease and at great price


Love aldi’s Brioche buns imported from France. Great for burgers and soft scramble egg sandwiches ala Eggslut, best price in town. 2.25 for 4 but $8 for 6 at Whole Foods


i flirt with gout when i do too much processed meats, but that’s good to know.


Me too. I usually go for lunch and they don’t have MaPo Tofu on the menu. I’ll have to stick around one day to try the dinner menu.


This is what drives me crazy. I see it all the time on this forum. I don’t know what “sk” is. It is that much additional effort to actually write out the whole name? Is it one of those things for you like where that French author who could only communicate by blinking out one letter at a time?


I’m assuming it’s Super King.


Not liking that you have gout, offering encouragement for a fellow gout sufferer!


Per the LAT, Ranchero on Foothill (between Altadena and San Gabriel) has lost their lease and will close Saturday night. Always liked the friendly service, food was Tex-Mex and decent (to my thinking) for the genre.

(I’ve no idea why this URL shows the date of 2018-02-20):


it flares when i take advantage of the cold cut ends SUPER KING offers next to the flan. i polished off a pound of salami and paid for it later.


i was having a conversation with an altadena resident this morning. they’d heard that the main reason the walmart shuttered was shoplifting losses. that caught me off guard.


Precheck baby.

The only way to fly.


Won’t leave home without it!

Oh, and GE (global (re)entry and my APEC card).




Whoa, you a baller!


has anyone been to the apparently new indian place on allen (namaste?) just south of the 210?


I think it’s on Hill? Neighbors went recently, said the grocery options were decent, but their to-go order was messed up and the food wasn’t very spicy. Said they would go back after opening jitters ironed out - said it felt like the chaos when Bhanu opened and think it will get better. Oh, and I think they said the place doesn’t serve any meat, but I might have misheard.