Pasadena Updates


You mean Namaste Spiceland?

Yes, I have been.


Love the enthusiasm in your response: should we take that as a resounding “meh”?


I was just answering the question. Nothing more, nothing less.


Have you eaten there? Would you recommend eating there?


I enjoyed it.

The vada pao reminds me of a vegetarian KFC Chicken Little, and the sev puri is strangely addictive. The entire menu is a smorgasbord of Indian street fare delights.

Not a place I’d want to eat at everyday, or even regularly, but every once in a while it’s a great change of pace.


Now this makes me happy; thank you.


Was in the area to buy something I found on Craiglist, and I thought I’d visit a friend for lunch while I was there. Went to Bone Kettle, based on some of the recent posts.

Did other posts mention how gigantic the food potions are??? I should’ve put a chopstick in centrally the pic for scale, but that bowl probably could’ve fed 1.5 people (so the food ends up being a good value, despite the seemingly high price).

Truth be told, the brisket didn’t really add much to the dish. I wouldn’t have minded the brisket being fattier (despite it being listed as “fatty” on the menu), more thinly sliced, and more tender.

However, all the rest of the stuff was great. Clean and light-tasting but very filling. Tasted a bit of my friend’s broth. Decently flavorful w/o being a salt or fat bomb. Would happily return to the restaurant again.

Warning: the restaurant closes btw lunch and dinner.


Just like an attorney.


Just like an attorney.

:laughing: yeah, yeah…ask the right question…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Netjets?..I wish.


You sound like Kevin Costner doing Jim Garrison.




finally tried it for lunch today. max seating of about 24. asians were parking in back and coming in through the kitchen while the non-asian customers were coming in the front door. (there is no judgement being made here.)

their basic HCR (#6) is a mix of white/dark meat, a bowl shaped mound of chicken rice and chili-garlic & ginger scallion sauces. (all white/all dark meat orders are $1 extra, as is the fried chicken version which i will have to go back and try) and also included in a small container of hot chicken broth. maybe it was for soaking your fingers before a manicure, but i chose to sip mine.

sweet soy sauce is available but it’s DIY from a small stand to the right of the cashier.

for those near pasadena not having the inclination to contact tasty food to guarantee that servings will be available and then travel down to rosemead, you can pay roughly an extra $1 and get your HCR fix taken care of at cluck2go. if i was equidistant between the two, i might choose tasty food. but if you chose cluck2go, i’d understand. their chicken was moist and tender and the rice was pretty good and together, topped with the sweet soy, chiii-garlic & scallion ginger sauces it made a satisfying gestalt.


nothing. still empty.


check out Vallarta for lunch sometime. The pork ribs in green chili are pretty fantastic and they make all their own chips in house with a huge salsa bar.


i stopped by today. interesting. the cleanest vallarta i’ve ever seen.

while i was getting my order, i asked if it was possible to get half & half (rojo vs. verde) for those ribs and she obliged. they have both an indoor and outdoor seating featuring a DIY salsa/whatever bar featuring roasted jalapenos, grilled onions, salsa(s), cilantro, radishes, etc.

i added some grilled onions to my plate.

which also included 4 corn tortillas piping hot and wrapped in foil

it was tasty. while i like chili verde a lot, the rojo had a depth of flavor coming through around the 100 hz mark if the meal had been a musical chord. however, my fork did not survive an attempt to remove meat from the bone

which prompted me to use my tortillas to transport ribs to my mouth, soaking tortillas in the sauce and keeping my hands clean.

it’ll be interesting to see how much of the local neighborhood takes to this vallarta.


there’s also a new ramen place in that mall “king of ramen” or some such. i noticed it while visiting my mechanic this afternoon (who i recommend highly BTW whose garage is just west of vons on colorado) getting a tire replaced.

and it’s noteworthy only because it raised the floor for bad fast food places in pasadena about 15 levels, the mcdonald’s on lake was demolished a couple of weeks ago, i went in there once and the most oppressive vibe engulfed me. it was so bad i turned around and used the bathroom in the burger king next door instead. the carl’s jr. across the street now becomes the most depressing fast food franchise location in pasadena, though the jack in the box on hill & colorado might merit an honorable mention.


Don’t know about ramen places, but I recommend Island Tire on Colorado.


i’ve been with my mechanic since 1998. i trust him to do exactly what needs to be done, he’ll also tell when you can afford to wait, etc. turns out he’s armenian. i think it was he who turned me onto old sasoun bakery (which gives me food related content to the post). got a replacement tire used for only $35. also did an oil change for the mercedes for $100 that everyone else was quoting at least $140.


Wow, $35 sounds great depending on the tread wear. But how often do you get to buy a tire at a place with a Hawaiian/Route 66 motif? This ain’t your daddy’s Mark C. Bloome.