Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


Please clarify: are you talking about Palms Gentlemen’s, or Gentleman’s Butcher. Cuz one of these is not the same.


Bizarro Langer’s?


of course it is… that’s the best way to 'strami


Gentleman’s Butcher in Palms.


Yeah, I had a bad experience with the pastrami there, too. Do hear great things about the corned beef, though.


If you’re looking for Corned Beef I had a great sandwich at Magee’s in the Original Farmer’s Market. Hand cut $12.95 and I added $3 for extra meat! Wonderful.


A healthy dinner tonight at Brent’s:


Saturday afternoon at Langer’s…


Ok went there tonight. The pastrami was spicy in a good way, Boars Head, but tasted like grilled Johnnies. Had Gruyere, cider slaw, half sour, and brown mustard.

Better without a waffle! Not my style. Waffle was good, if you like waffles, but the crispy outside, semi wet interior just did not win with me.



Everything is better off those waffles.


Bruxie does some killer frozen custard. They tried a location near where I live but it closed after a couple of years.Supposedly some kind of disagreement with the landlord. My waistline was grateful.

The concept of savory food on a waffle is a bit difficult although the waffle isn’t sweet at all, so it’s more mental I think. I tried the pastrami because I couldn’t resist. Not something I’d drive to their now nearest (15 miles) location for.


[quote=“Midlife, post:251, topic:1246, full:true”]
the waffle isn’t sweet at all, so it’s more mental I think. [/quote]

Agreed. Waffle isn’t sweet at all. my waffle loving wife and kid like them. I did like it with the chicken tenders. Seemed to be a much better pairing.

I imagine the waffle used in sweet dishes and in the egg dishes would be good as well.

I just did not like it with the pastrami (and this is a pastrami thread) so I didn’t comment on the other applications for the waffles.

Now the cane sugar vanilla cream soda was really great!


Back at Brent’s tonight. For the 1st time in ages, went with the pastrami on rye instead of my usual Reuben.

Bread is good and crunchy. Great sandwich!


I somehow missed your entry on Bruxie. Glad you posted again and saved me some calories. :wink:

Love Brent’s… Open a West LA branch!!!


Thread reminds me…went to Langer’s after a long hiatus. Ordered a #15 and a #19, + cream soda. Total w/ tax & tip = $50+

Delicious, but yeezus.


Pastrami ain’t peasant food…

Langer’s is supposedly…“working class” joint though. What makes somewhere like Gjusta for the rich I wonder? Sandwiches cheaper at Gjusta than Langers.


Yeah, I think there was a spike in brisket and navel prices the past year or two. Big Mista mentioned to me they were having trouble sourcing pastrami at a reasonable price.


Article from last year….


sorry, there aint 7 places in LA to get great pastrami!


I don’t disagree…