Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


Just had the “New Deli” at the newly opened Sack Sandwiches on Melrose: pastrami, curried mustard, and pickles. Really, really delicious. Especially with a chocolate milkshake jacked up with some Stumptown cold brew. So glad that this is walking distance from my pad.


i love the pastrami reuben @ ink.sack. always get one when i’m at tom bradley int.


I had a mediocre pastrami sandwich the other day at Quicksand, a place I usually love. They claim to source their pastrami from RC Provisions, the same place Langer’s gets theirs. If so, it’s proof that the steaming, hand cutting, and whatever else Langer’s does makes a big difference in the final product. Quicksand’s was thin cut by a machine and a little on the dry side. Not terrible, but nowhere close to Langer’s.


Wexler’s. Very good. Fattier than is clear from the photo. At around 4:00 I got I think the third-from-last order.


Had Hot Pastrami at Bay Cities and it was just ok plus very fatty. Haven’t had it a while and I remember it being much better. In my opinion The Oinkster does a better version of the same sandwich…


@uglydrum is making a come-back for SmorgasburgLA, via Smorg’s IG:

I did not get to try his pastrami when he was with Mendocino, and now he’s with Bludso’s (?), so this is a lil bit special. Starts in June. Details are googleable.


I had it back in the days when I still ate red meat. It was some of the best pastrami that I’ve had - smokey and succulent. I remember the rub being a bit on the sweet side though.


I had the Ugly Drum pastrami once or twice at Mendo Farms. I thought it was good not great. Little rubbery, in fact. Like it wasn’t steamed. Good enough that I’ll give them another try at Bludso’s, though.


I thought the pastrami itself was great, but that dressing and slaw ruined it. Note, get everything on the side and assemble to your own tastes.


Those mofos make the best pastrami I’ve ever tried…idk how they don’t have a brick and mortar =/

Hate the idea of SmorgasburgLA, but might go just for them…damn


It’s not even the best pastrami in LA. Langer’s beats Ugly Drum like… well, a drum. Big Mista’s is better, too.


I love Big Mista’s barbecue pastrami. Do they sell it at their new Long Beach brick-and-mortar?


Langer’s. If I had time for only one meal in LA, that would be it.


only on specials. once a few weeks? Gotta follow him on IG just to confirm… too much uncertainty for moi.


What Tony said. They sell it occasionally as a special, and when they do, it sells out fast. If you call ahead and ask nicely, though, they’ll usually save you some.

PS: According to their website, they’re offering pastrami regularly on the weekends now. Still, I would call ahead to confirm.


A very good Turkey Pastrami Wrap with swiss & sauerkraut at Blue Plate Santa Monica


Oh my! Pastrami, Bacon & Egg Breakfast Burrito at Tacos Tu Madre Westwood. This thing is a monster and only $8.50. Served all day!


“oh my!” is right. wow. looks like enough food for 4 people……how did it taste?


It was indeed a monster. It was almost a pound and there was no way I could ever finish it. Very tasty and the pastrami was very lean and thick cut. Nice…


Adding bacon is an excellent solution to the problem of lean “pastrami.”