Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


You’re both probably right. Mendocino Farms has 15 locations right now. Don’t know how many units existed at that time UD’s pastrami was offered and how many were serving UD’s pastrami. But even if five units were offering their pastrami, that would be tough for a small op like UD to keep that supply chain going, given their traditional method.


The Mendo v1.0 was inconsistent. Some times dry, sometimes moist, and if not ordered in unadulterated, utterly putrid. But the Smorgasburg v2.0 is significantly better wrt to the pastrami quality and the mustard is a perfect compliment. Even the bread is cut better with v2.0. I had ultra thick bread at v1.0 where at v2.0 it was sliced more unobtrusively to the pastrami:bread ratio.


Well I finally had the #44 and I’m conflicted. It needs Russian dressing. Shitloads of it. It wants to be a Reuben so bad. But it’s not.

I think for my taste buds…

'#19 > black pastrami Reuben (when on point) > pastrami queen > Langer’s pastrami deli plate > #44 > Katz > black pastrami Reuben (when not on point) > refuge SC

$18.xx + tip for the #44 and water.


I’m not into dressing on my reubens so this looks pretty good to me. is that cheddar? (my favorite type of reuben is pastrami or corn beef, good rye bread, sauerkraut & swiss. grilled. done.)


@Ns1 the reuben at Katz is pretty epic. Katz IMO has damn fine russian dressing. Bread still meh though. If you ever decide to go back there, you may need to check this thing out. Brisket is not too shabby either.


It’s nippy cheese. If you don’t like dressings on your Reuben’s you may like the #44. The bread was great for sure.

@A5KOBE I’ll have to check that out next time - been meaning to give Katz another shot. Do they eve butter and griddle the sandwich?? Pic ambiguous.


Is that the standard order for the Reuben or is that double meat?




It is very slightly grilled or toasted IRRC. They have a nice russian dressing that is a darker red hue and a tiny bit spicy. Langer’s uses 1000 island (told by one of the waiters) so there is that quotient. Bread goes to Langer’s. Meat to bread ratio goes to Katz. Pastrami itself, probably a wash but I lean towards Langer’s because it is less fatty, but still close. Sauerkraut goes to Katz.


That is regular portion if you tip the counter guy a few bucks before ordering. I usually slip the guy a $5 so all our sandwiches come extra meaty.


Amen to that, Kevin! ruination of a pastrami sandwich!


luv it, bulavinaka…like the “babka” incident on Seinfeld!


Wow - that was kind of a bizzaro Jerry moment. Never thought of that…


January 14th!


Interesting article of the end of the Carnegie deli


…I had no idea they closed!


Yeah, I posted in the Food News a couple weeks ago and the big shots declared it old news and “putrid” food.


Over-priced… yes. “Putrid”… ???


It’s definitely putrid.

Good riddance.


Sheesh Ipse. Admittedly it’s probably 15-18 years since I’ve been there but places like that don’t usually change that much if ownership doesn’t. What timeframe is your “putrid” critique coming from? Not that it really matters any more I guess.