Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


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Last 5, maybe 6, years or so


Old School…


Finally tried Brent’s Black Pastrami sandwich today. Yowza. Yum.

The friends who met me there said the only possible better pastrami in LA? Langers!


Have either of you tried Wexler’s? I haven’t eaten at Brent’s a lot, but I vaguely recall enjoying Wexler’s more (but haven’t done a back to back comparison).


I like Wexler’s pastrami, it’s good and cut very thick but i am not a fan of their rye, it’s on the dry side and served cold. It works much better on their McArthur Park Sandwich (their version of a Langer’s #19)


I did a bang bang comparison with Wexler’s and Langer’s awhile back, but it was hardly necessary.

Wexler’s is quite good. Langer’s, however, is on a completely separate plane. The platonic ideal of pastrami is jealous of Langer’s pastrami.

So despite Wexler’s being excellent, it’s not even close.

Then we start talking about the bread . . . things start to get embarrassing for Wexler’s.


Have you tried Brent’s for comparison? :wink:

@wienermobile: I normally get the MacArthur Park, so perhaps that’s why I’ve not noticed such a disparity, in that regard. :wink: I am indeed one of the people who does not think that the #19 is gilding the lily… :wink:


Many years ago. My sense memory was that it was totally awesome, but I preferred Langer’s. The main issue is that Brent’s is to hell and gone from me. I don’t mind the drive for food, but I need there to be something else to make it worthwhile. Especially if the food places second.

But if I lived by Brent’s I would be so very happy to have that pastrami more often.

As for Brent’s v Wexler’s . . . I’d have to try those again closer in time to one another to know which I prefer. Both very good though.

And I do not judge anyone’s food choices. You like the #19 then there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that! :smiley:


The answer is the reuben. The reuben @ Brent’s is far, far, far superior to the “reuben” they have at Langers. For straight pastrami though, Langer’s wins by a huge margin.


How close in driving minutes is the Vietnamese place (Bale Valley) from Brent’s, if you know.

That could be a thing. Reuben for lunch, and then some Cornish game hen and soup for dinner.

(I could google this but I’m really lazy)


10-15 minutes. Definitely bang bang’able.


Brent’s Black Pastrami Rueben (bottom photo) is wonderful, truly a treat. But Langer’s is still king. (Langer’s #44 top)


Totally agree with @wienermobile, @frommtron @Ns1. :slight_smile:

Yah, Brent’s Reuben is their standout and delicious, but for a classic Pastrami Sandwich, it’s Langer’s for sure. :slight_smile:


I’ll jump in and say the hubster has only had the black pastrami rueben. He’s NOT a big pastrami fan, doesn’t eat it when we are out, but our friends were adamant so, he tried it. He’s already planning it for his second visit!

One day I might take him to Langer’s for a comparison but with Brent’s we get pastrami AND friends, so it’s hard to say no to that.

On a separate note, I had the mini blintzes at Brent’s and - yum. Best ones I’ve had in a restaurant.


Break it down, I was there today and it was not that much for 2 #19, fries and 2 ice teas.


my back of the hand math tells me with 18% tip your meal was about $50. I exaggerated a few bucks. Guess you busted me :wink:


Lol yes it was, actually more because she bought a 1/2 lb of corned beef at $15. I just did not think it was that much. Lol, not trying to bust anyone. Try the pastrami Po boy at Orleans and you, different but very good. Have a good night


OK I have had Brent’s many times. But in my 30 years I have never been to Langer’s. The drive and parking has always discouraged me because frankly… I am lazy. I admit, I need to get past this and get there.

Looking at the photos, The Brent’s looks more appealing to me. What about the Langer’s rueben makes it better?


Parking at Langer’s actually very easy – Lot that validates is one block east, across the street on N/E corner.