Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


What parking problem? They have their own lot.


Red Line/Purple Line Westlake/MacArthur Park Station.


No disrespect to those who loved Carnegie Deli, but I feel like it’s been pretty bad for a couple of decades at least. I remember having a very bad experience there when I was a kid. And it wasn’t much better when I tried it again about a decade ago when I was living in NYC.


Food?? I’ve related a very annoying service experience there, but the food was always good for me.


Their incredible hand cut smokey pastrami and the unlike any other double baked rye bread.


while true, the lack of russian dressing or thousand island makes the #44 not a reuben in my book.

Speaking of pastrami and reubens, had my usual pastrami reuben from Jersey Mike’s today. For $8.25, still my favorite mass produced reuben.


Food poisoning, to be precise.


I’m gonna circle back to Wexler’s here because I don’t want to start a new thread . . .

Took a sick day with the kiddo. We were perusing the children’s books when I looked up through the SM library window and was reminded that Wexler’s SM is a thing.

Kiddo had the matzo ball soup and I found it to be excellent from broth to ball. Love the pieces of parsnip in the broth. The gribenes were nice, though felt like gilding the lily in our compromised states.

On a side note, they were offering smoked salmon collars at $4 each. I think that’s a pretty nice deal!


Uh…and the use of cheddar cheese?..

I’m not sure how it can possibly be called a reuben lol


Went to Canter’s last night because I was catching up with an old friend and we wanted a quiet place to drink. Since I was there I figured what the hell and ordered a pastrami sandwich. Ordered fatty and got it. The rye bread was legit, maybe a notch down from Langer’s but with the same crunch. Pastrami also a notch down but better than most I’ve had in this modern anti-fat era.

The place has a unique smell, maybe the accumulation of decades of continuous pastrami steaming.


Corned beef on rye is the play at Canters.


Fruit salad is the play at Canters.


Matzo brei is my play.

And the bar makes an incredible vodka gimlet, straight up. Or used to, anyway.


Go to Greenblatt’s next time. Same area better pastrami, similar hours.


The pastrami at Canter’s is pretty mediocre imo. Certainly more than a “notch down” from Langer’s. Do they even hand cut their meat?


Its not local, and I don’t think its as good as Langer’s, although I like it better than Brent’s, but Zingerman’s has their Reuben kits 1/3 off until Friday. For $100 with free shipping it works out to $25 a sandwich. You can choose when you want it delivered. Sending one to the kid right now.


Wexler’s Deli is opening in Century City Mall this August! Nice!:smiley:


Lol, if maybe I can find my car and actually exit after wandering through the mall dodging construction to find the Wexlers, awesome.


Had an amazing bagel with sturgeon today. It just melted, like high end sushi grade fish. Remains an amazing dish.