Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


That is quite an epic lunch during a workday.


There were three of us, and we were unable to finish the fries, but yeah, it was a lot. I looked at the second half of my sandwich and thought about having it wrapped to go, but because I’m me, I ended up finishing it anyway. Oof.


I don’t know if anyone would agree but I really think that Pastrami Chili Cheese Fries should be against the law. At least against the laws of the AMA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No way. All things in moderation… including moderation. :wink:

I don’t get PCCFs more than once or twice a year, so I’m not gonna feel guilty about it. Especially when I’m splitting an order three ways.


Not all heroes wear capes.


Very Mark Twain of you!


Happy New Year to you all…


This Tuesday January 9th only!


Yes! Veggie Reuben.


Hold the veggie patty.


4PM to midnight??? Interesting… Wonder if they’re using this as a test for dinner hrs?


I take it Canter’s is no longer open 24 hrs? Or were you thinking of Langer’s?


Argh! Yes, you are correct. I was thinking of Langer’s. ::slinks away w/ shame::


Canter’s is still 24 hours…


Old but interesting…


I recently enjoyed Mendocino Farms’ newest pastrami sandwich. It’s on their seasonal menu, described as “House hickory smoked real pastrami, celery root slaw, Zoe’s bread & butter pickles, Chef Jeremy’s triple mustard on toasted mild rye.”

Overall, while I had issues with some of the components, the sandwich as a whole really worked! It wasn’t the most tender pastrami, but the spicing was great, lots of peppery kick. Perhaps it was griddled too long, but that also gave some pieces a nice crispy edge. The bread was odd - it’s described as “mild” rye, but it didn’t look or taste like rye at all. I actually wonder if they used the wrong bread on my order. However, the slaw, pickles, and mustard were all tasty and balanced the smoky meat well. This isn’t a pure pastrami experience, and I’m usually wary of more modern takes on old school deli sandwiches (Fleishik’s comes to mind), but I’d get this again.


I’m really confused about that bread


Looks like the ciabata with the top “sliced” off with a letter opener.


Looks like the Sizzlers cheese toast.

But without the cheese.


Ha loved that Sizzler cheese toast. Looking again at Mendo’s menu, I’m thinking they probably gave me the “rustic white” bread instead of the rye. I should try it again with the proper bread.