Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


That is definitely the wrong bread. Good recommendation. A very good sandwich. Loved the smokey pastrami which was basically brisket. Pickles were great and cole slaw was great.

The bread was fine. I expect Langer’s quality rye whenever I’m eating pastrami.


Total aside but there was a lady eating by herself who ordered a regular meal and a kids meal. Who cares you say? Thursday is kids eat free at Mendocino Farms. This lady ordered up herself a free kids meal. I thought that was kinda janky.




Yeah, but she could have ordered it to go and no one would have been the wiser. I’ve seen it happen at other restaurants that do similar promos.

And wow, 2 meals at Mendocino – that’s a lot of food for one person!


You don’t say. I learn the best things here on FTC… :slight_smile:


Well then you will be disappointed 90 percent of the time. I HOPE for Langer’s quality rye when eating pastrami but never expect it.


That’s why I rarely eat pastrami, unless it’s from Langers. Wexlers once in a blue moon.


Pro tip for Wexler’s: Ask for your pastrami on a crispy kaiser roll. So much better than their rye.


I love a good Kaiser roll and I kill for great pastrami, but the two together doesn’t do it for me. Just too much a creature of habit I guess. I like putting ketchup on a hot dog. YMMV certainly.


Has anyone tried the Pastrami you can buy at costco?


salty but if you’re searching for a “hat” style pastrami w/o going to the hat, it’s workable. I’d buy it again.


I think the rye has definitely improved, at least at the Santa Monica location. I haven’t had GCM location in a while, so I don’t know about there or Century City.


Too bad the pastrami hasn’t. :wink:

Just this Jew’s opinion.


You’re all just a bunch of haters and traitors to the KAISER!

:notes:Kaiser uber rolles …:notes:


Oh, glad you clarified. 'Cuz for a second there I thought you meant Kaiser Permanente,


I picked up a couple of pounds of Langer’s pastrami and half a loaf of rye to take home the other day, and realized that another element contributing to their superiority is that the bread has way more caraway than most.


I tried the pastrami at the Century City location several wks/months ago and found it oddly… bland. As in, I don’t-feel-like-eating-here-again bland. Not sure if it was just a one-time thing, and I don’t recall thinking that about the DTLA or SaMo location.


And for what it’s worth, Mendocino’s pastrami is super bland too. I asked to sample some and it literally tasted like nothing. But this may be a one off.


That’s how mine was, like a bland overly smoked Texas brisket. Nothing like pastrami.

Personally, I will never eat here, nor any other Wexler‘s. No Point, I like Jewish pastrami, not this hipster stuff LOL!


My wife’s first ever pastrami sandwich was the #19. Langer’s will sell you all of the ingredients to make them at home.