Pastry Hero Nicole Rucker Promises Award-Winning Pies on La Brea Avenue


Is Rucker not at Smorgasborg anymore?

Miyabi Uni replaces Maruhide Uni Club in Torrance

Yah, she announced she was taking a break from that. Definitely a bummer.

But I think in hindsight it’s probably because of this new venture. :slight_smile:


She decided to focus on her cookbook instead of doing Smorgasburg on Sundays.


Yeah she hasn’t been there since Thanksgiving


Sorry for hijacking this thread. Do you guys want to split this into a separate Nicole Rucker thread?


Yes lol thx




Thank you so much, @ipsedixit!


Thanks guys. Sorry for asking that question didn’t mean to hijack the thread.

Are her pies and donuts still available at Cofax? I’m going down to the area to do my taxes next week and was hankering for some pie.


@js76wisco Cofax still produces donuts daily. Pies and cakes usually appear as daily specials, but they are more likely to have tarts on hand. Your best bet is to check Cofax’s IG feed before you go. May you be fruitful in your quest.


Also call Bludso’s Bar & Que. Last time I spoke with Nicole, she said her pies were on the menu.


Thanks for the reminder, @bulavinaka.


We had one of the worst restaurant experiences at Tinga, and I remember thinking “They must be getting ready to fold.” 2 weeks later, poof. So happy about and for Nicole Rucker.



That was a tasty piece. I’ve had slices of her Chocolate Chess & Mexican Lime at Bludso’s, but did not know they sold whole pies, cakes, etc. from that location. Thanks!