Permanent Space? Roberta's at Platform


I was at Hayden at Platform in Culver City the other night, and a women next to me overheard me talking about the Roberta’s pop up last winter. She told me that Runyon Group (which owns Platform) have signed a deal with Roberta’s to open a permanent location at the site.

I did some quick research and was able to find that Roberta’s filed a DBA with the CA Secretary of State, but wasn’t able to find anything else. I’ve sent an email to Culver City Planning Commission (their website is a mess), and hope to hear back.

I’ll keep you updated, but wouldn’t that be great?? Full menu, not just pizza!



Day. Made. Woo hoo!




It’ll be so nice to have that Bee Sting pizza back in my life again. Hopefully it’ll be on the menu.


In the meantime checkout URBN’s excellent hot honey and soppressata pizza with a thinner crispier crust.


I didn’t know that existed! :scream: Thank you!! Sweet and spicy pizzas (and food in general) are one of my favorite things.


Is this only in San Diego?


They’re at smorgasburg every sunday


so at the bushwick location, you can always order the bee sting, even if it’s not on the menu. i’m guessing it’ll be the same here.


That was true at the popup too. Bee sting was always on the menu, but you could order many pies that weren’t as long as they had the ingredients.


Huh. Wish I had know that. Very cool.


Good to know. Thanks!