Petit Trois


Can you actually eat a whole order of the Mornay fries? Or even half?


Dear god no. I probably got through a quarter. Took the rest home with me to share and eat while watching Planet Earth II.

But I gotta get back to try that tartare.


I had the tartare last night.

It might just be me, but I don’t get beef tar tare. I’ve had it at all the best places for it in LA–Republique, Petit Trois, etc. In the end it just seems to taste of the flavors added to it. At Petit Trois, those flavors were (an excellent) mustard remoulade type thing, capers, and fried shallot. Perfectly fine, but the beef in these dishes gives such little flavor that I often wonder what the point is.

Best part of the meat was the bread and butter.


Good tartare demands flavorful beef. It might be just you, or the beef might have been too bland.


Jesus, $89 for the sole? I know Ludo is a smart guy but I think he’s letting his pride get in the way of having to use wild sole from Brittany. I know of high end distributors selling true dover sole(same species) to top end chefs in LA landed from Iceland 2-3x per week for $12.50/lb whole fish. In Ludo’s dishes, that fish looks to be plate size so 400-600gr in whole round form.

I guess if he can sell it like that, by all means, go for it dude but I guess that’s not how I would do it.


I notice there are no photos of the moules frites, so here is one for reference. The fries are always wonderful, and the mussels plump and perfectly cooked. However, although the sauce is good, I think I make nicer sauces at home. I do love mussels. :slight_smile:


greenlips > blacks


Curious why you think so? I enjoy the smaller black lips, very tender. The greens readily available tend to be very large, tough and frozen. Granted I don’t recollect encountering any live greens in ages .


I have to stand up for the burger. I thought it was completely unique how it was smothered in a very rich, beefy reduction (which i’m sure has a pretty sounding french name). It stands out from non sauced burgers :slight_smile: I thought it was fantastic and want it again.


I have to say I think the burger has changed over time. Early on I had a version I really liked. Later I had one where the balsamic was so strong I could barely get through half of it. Maybe just inconsistency, but it seems like a change.


agreed–really hard to find fresh live greenlips. but jitlada always seems to have access to them.


Can’t disagree with you on the size, I much prefer the small/mediums sizes as well and the greenlips def come on average as a much larger mussel. Over the years they basically priced themselves out of the market on live/chilled product. It costs an extra $1.00/lb at min to ship them over from NZ by air and you’re already dealing with a commodity item in a heavily supplied market $1.50lb wholesale priced mussels, so it’s hard to keep the demand but they’re definitely still out there. On top of that you’re dealing with a higher priced(low menu demand) item and still having to deal with mortalities from time to time so chef’s start to steer away from them as well. Because of that you’ve also seen a big shift over to the half shell frozen item which is far inferior in my opinion but easier for buffets and similar applications. There’s more to the story but I won’t bore everyone. Let me know if you need any help sourcing some, I may be able to find some for ya. :wink:


wow, great info! i’ll love to find snook…but never seen that at the public fish markets downtown.


Snook won’t be easy to find here. However from time to time you will see lots of it come up from off the east coast Central America(Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama) in heavy loads. It basically replaces the local(Mex) baquetta and grouper when it’s the right time(maybe 4 or 5x a year). Stars kind of have to align though.


I emailed Petite Trois yesterday to ask wether they sell the baguettes to go, and this morning received the nicest email back, saying yes, they happily do! It’s best to call ahead with a request.

This is going to be the best picnic season ever. Vive le France :fr:. :slight_smile:



Those may or may not be Colleen’s baguettes, if judging from the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, her production has not been consistent these days as she apparently feels burned out by the high demand.
However, great bread options these days in LA (Bread Lounge, Republique, Gjusta, Milo & Olive, etc) although none a quite like Colleen’s.


Gjusta and Republique are my usual places to pick up baguettes, they are very good. I think Petite Trois has the best, though kind of out of the way for me.

Who is Colleen? I thought the baguettes at Petit Trois were made by Clark Street, per Ludo’s special specifications? I’ll have to ask next time I’m in.

Summer is baguette season!


When I was last there a while back ago (Sydney Hunter was in charge when Ludo was not in the house), Chef Hunter mentioned that Colleen was some younger person who Ludo found. I don’t know how much of this is true, but he indicated that Colleen basically worked out of her house to produce all the baguettes for the Petit family of restaurants because Ludo said that hers came closest to his ideal French baguette.
Does anyone know if Colleen is going to be manning the ovens at the Petit location in the Valley? I remember reading that location would have room for a pastry station.

My guess they probably switched to Clark Street at Ludo’s places.