Petit Trois


Colleen makes her bread at home. I also recall that it was a side hobby and she had a day job.


Thanks for the clarification…it’s been a while so my memory was fuzzy.


good tip re: petit trois baguette to go…

but do they sell the butter to go???


Has anyone tried the baguette from Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz? Apparently it’s pretty good.


Just buy Rodolphe Le Meunier “Beurre de Baratte” available at GCM at DTLA cheese and I’ve bought it at Monsieur Marcel at the Farmer’s market at the Grove



Also available at Whole Foods cheese counters, at least in Brea and Tustin. I think they will even let you buy a piece of the butter wheel.


That is so crazy, because look at this random pic on my phone. I bought this at Surfa’s and loved it so much I took a photo so I would remember it for next time. I had no idea it’s the same as served at Petit Trois.


Epicurus Gourmet also carries it. $8.91 each


holy shit thank you, it’s the best butter i’ve ever had…stoked to grab some


Surfas is open again! Need it.


I second Epicurus gourmet, wonderful shop, everyone should be aware of it.
Totally worth a visit, especially if you are passing by north Hollywood.


I am going to do a post about Epicurus, but Hillary asked me to wait until they finish their AC installation this month as they will have to close while the installation is done. It is a wonderful place run by wonderful people. Their merchandise is top notch and their prices low considering the quality.


I love that place, too! There are some great finds there. During Christmas they had a panettone made with almonds and Amaro cherries that my parents adored. While I picked up various cheeses, butter, and other random accoutrements for our New Year’s Day buffet.


how did i not know about this place?! Stopping every time i’m going to see the folks


Its only a few years old. They first opened down the street and you ordered online or over the telephone and picked things up. Then they got the bigger place and opened for walk-ins. Its a bit tricky to find; you have to be heading east on Sherman Way as it is divided there. Its the driveway just past Lamps Plus, I believe its the last driveway before Laurel Canyon. Turn into the alley like thing and drive down a bit. Here is a link to their website, When you go in they can put you on the email list and send the weekly in-stock list. There are always samples and occasionally, especially on Saturdays, they break open a bottle of wine, which they don’t sell, if it pairs particularly well with whatever cheese they are featuring. They recently added frozen quail, rabbit, and other exotic meats. Enjoy!


I’d love to get my hands on some percebes, high quality langoustines and carabineros .


Not happening unfortunately


Restaurants can order langoustines. Probably can be special-ordered from fancy fish markets.


Check with Cape Seafood and Provisions