Pick my birthday dinner


Love that plate!


Somni is probably too precious but it truly is an awesome dining experience. A birthday celebration is the perfect reason to go.


I’d agree if you were watching my kid. But also I want him at the dinner, and want it more celebratory rather than cerebral.


I advised to SKIP Lukshon


Per OP: “plz help me pick something…” " not very swirly, eatble flowery, 1 bite dish spots"…
Somni was not on my list for our birthday boy for this reason.


Right. Ooops. Apparently you did.
My reading skills are not what they once were.


I know, but it had to be mentioned :slight_smile:


Went to Odys and Penelope for the first time recently. Was not impressed even though I really wanted to be. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great. Cheese puffs were doughy; wild mushrooms were great, but the branzino was fishy, and my burger wasn’t worth eating - it fell apart after two bites and the beef wasn’t beefy. Dessert was fantastic though. Two out of five is good for baseball, but not for a high-end restaurant.
Happy almost birthday Nemroz!


Best for drinks and dessert. The food has been so so and the brunch is pricey and meh. I wouldn’t waste a full meal here, let alone a BDay occasion.


I had a great meal. They’re open seven days so there may be nights when you get the B team.


Could very well be. We went with a friend for the Sunday night supper. Short ribs weren’t available, IIRC they are a Tuesday night special. All in all it was a bust although they did comp my largely uneaten burger.




Yea same, went for dinner and a brunch and it’s good to very good but I need very great


How old’s the kiddo? And I love it that you want him there. Double congrats.


6 on Friday. He goes everywhere we go except for the date nights


We have a 6 y.o. grand-boy. His other grand set up a deal with him that every time he has tried ten new foods she takes him to get a toy. I was asked to verify that he had squid as well as a little suck on a chicken foot. I think it’s a pretty brilliant idea.

Have a super time.


APL ribs at majordomo

Vespertine. I kid. I kid.


Turkey smoke is no joke.


I wonder what a six year old would think of Vespertine. You should take him @Nemroz!


Actually you just discovered my new Food Travel Show idea