Pizza Heaven


Actually reading the thread may get you to an answer.


Thank you Mr Snark. I did indeed read it. But since it’s titled Pizza Heaven and not the name of the restaurant and since I couldn’t find a dedicated pizza thread I was wondering if it wouldn’t be too off-topic to ask the pizza lovers in my ‘hood if they’ve been.


The Cookie, the thread was based on an hour at Superfine Pizza last week


I haven’t been to Blackbird Pizza…sumthin’ new on Melrose?


Ahhh… okay, I get it.

We haven’t tried Blackbird Pizza yet, but we received a GrubHub gift card and they’re one of the new vendors. I’m not an expert on pizza and I wanted to ask if any of you had tried it. The pictures look pretty good.


keep us posted on your pizza experience there


Oh thanks… I wasn’t sure if it would be okay. :wink:

Here ya’ go…

We had a build your own 1/2 & 1/2: roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, shrooms w/speck and pepperoni on one half (speck or pepperoni - not both - with sausage would have been better).

I smashed the garlic and added my own anchovies on my porkless half (they don’t serve them).

Not bad, but nothing to write home about. Cracker like crust, no char, not enough sauce, chewier than normal speck, sundried tomatoes were not cured in oil and too chewy, nice soft garlic, good mozzarella. Too pricey without the gift certificate. $33.97 + $5.99 delivery fee + tip. Why do people use GrubHub? We never pay a delivery fee with Postmates and you get to tip after.


I have a question for pizza lovers. Do you have a limit to how many items are acceptable on a pizza before it becomes what some call a garbage pizza?


Thanks for the report back @TheCookie, and thanks for taking one for the team. :frowning: Good to know this place is skippable.


I just had some of the mozzarella on it’s own and upgraded my post to “good mozzarella”. But yes, it’s skippable, especially because of the price.


yeah, someone’s got to do it…your turn, TheCookie, to save us from a sub-par pizza experience

also, re: your question…2 toppings is the limit on my pies! and btw, thats hysterical that you brought your own anchovies!


You should have gotten the deep dish at Blackbird. Chicago-style is their specialty, especially given their pedigree behind the oven.


Thanks @lapizzamaven -

Yeah, I think I’m going to start limiting my toppings, unless it’s Mozza, of course. Divine pairings and I can just order off the menu. :wink: Left on my own I can’t decide, so it’s a pile on.

P.S. It was delivery and I had anchovies at home. They’ve never been super popular and I guess a lot of pizzerias feel it’s not worth it to stock them anymore. But wouldn’t bringing my own be funny?


I was just thinking that! Those were the pictures that hooked me. But my ole man doesn’t like deep dish, so…


I told him one day he’s going to have to break his rule for me. He grunted.


Just get one for yourself.


It’s a waste because I can’t eat a lot in one sitting. But I think I can talk him into it. :wink:


Hey ipsedixit, he wanted pizza not a casserole!


This is now the Pizza Hell thread…


I@TheCookie I found blackbirds deep dish to be good not great. Definitely worth checking out if you have a hankering for deep dish or looking for something different in the weho neighborhood. I still prefer Hollywood pies or masa. My deep dish pizza appetite only strikes me about once every two years or if I’m in Chicago so I haven’t returned for a second go around.