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What kind of magic version of postmates do you use that doesn’t charge a service fee?


I have yet to use postmates, but on Grubhub I’ve noticed restaurants are now often using different, and substantially higher, menu prices in addition to the fees.


I just noticed this too. Probably the result of their merger with Eat24/Yelp.


Yes. In Italy toppings are very sparse (disclaimer, except for roman scizzor style) and rarely have different toppings together.


chi pizza unlike most others actually does well in the fridge and then a slow rehating


totally… took one quick look at google results to see that chicago is the way to go there… looks good.


That’s funny @lapizzamaven! Are you sorry you invited me now? I know @J_L is. :grin:


that would definitely be funny…when the set down the pizza, you pull a bunch of anchovies out of your pocket




chicago style casserole/pizza also can be stuffed in a suitcase and eaten days later…


TheCookie is always welcome to ThePizza.


and he answered, whats a tomato?


“Sounds good, but we’ll have to wait a couple of hundred years for the tomatoes to get here.”


Hi @hungryhungryhippos -

I was doing searches on Hollywood Pie’s and they definitely fly under the radar. I’ll check them out.

Yah, I don’t really crave deep dish either. But every now and then I see one that looks good or try one and am pleasantly surprised - as was the case with Joe’s on Sunset Blvd. I’ve personally never understood the love peeps have for their pizza, but I once ordered a slice of deep dish with just cheese. They’re New Yorkers so it’s not Chicago-style and not casserole-ish, just deep dish. I liked the crust - nice, buttery caramelization on the bottom, not too doughy, tasty.



Yep, if it’s $20 or over (which is always) there’s no delivery fee. Maybe because we’re regular users or maybe we’re part of some Postmates preferred customer discount thing that I’m unaware of. But, nope, we never pay a delivery fee and rarely pay a restaurant fee.

I’ve heard that restaurants are grumbling because the fees they pay delivery services instead of direct delivery cuts into their profit, hence the service fees. I was shocked at what GrubHub and their participating restaurants are charging. If we didn’t have the gift card I wouldn’t have used them. But, you know what? If they want to eliminate the delivery services then they should be just as efficient… just sayin’. Postmates is more user friendly than GrubHub, btw. The system reminds me of Lyft and Uber.



What is Postmates Unlimited?

Postmates Unlimited is our subscription service. For $9.99 a month or $95.88 per year, members receive free delivery on orders from all merchants on the Postmates platform when the cart size is over $15. Additionally, member orders are instantly accepted and never surged (Blitzed).


I need to check on that. Thanks. :relaxed:


I’m going to try that with ketchup at Father’s Office too. :blush:


Yep, I just looked at my Postmates account and we have the annual. It must come out of one of Freddy Frugal aka my husband’s accounts… Shhh. It’s worth it though, about $1.50 per. We live in an enviable part of town when it comes to restaurant proximity, but our pocket is a little more residential and there are few decent places close. And unlike the GrubHub restaurants there are plenty of places that don’t charge a service fee.

Okay, back to pizza!


Ha, I did that at Fathers Office once…