Pizza of Venice - in, er, Altadena?


An acquaintance who works in the area mentioned this pizzeria, located on North Fair Oaks Blvd in Altadena. She recommended the mushroom and the vegan (since she’s an opportunistic vegan), but says both occasionally change and sometimes she gets one she doesn’t like. Also, she and I don’t always have the same taste in food.

Here’s the business website:

And here’s an Eater article, courtesy of @matthewkang:

Might be worth checking out if doing a Bulgarini run AND are willing to, perhaps, order less pasta with one’s gelato. (Yeah, I know that’s heresy, but am still putting it out there as an option.)

I’m sure we’ll get around to trying it at some point, just no idea when that will be.


If you are a fan of pizza crusts, and specifically a nice char dotting the cornicione, then this is not the place for you.

If you like all the fixins on top of said crust, then this is the place for you. Think of it as an indie alternative to CPK.


opportunistic vegan = contexitarian?


oh wow that post is an oldie but a goodie. i literally felt like dying that day after eating all the pizzas.


How many of you tackled that project?