Pizzeria Mozza




Oops. Looks like we’re at the Osteria and not the pizzeria. Next time.


Had those about 2 months ago - still liking my fingers. Awesome.

I hate to divulge this but, after years of avoiding PM due to the difficulty of securing reservations (unless booked WAY in advance) I had almost no trouble getting a prime time table for three booked on a Friday for Sunday – almost fell off my chair. Had to check that it was not the 7th game of the World Series, the Oscars or some obscure (to me) Jewish Holiday.


Pretty nice mistake


what’s your favorite?


gelato pie was very good, the graham cracker crust was thin and crumbly and the whole thing was pretty light even with the cream.


Yeah Porky Belly, like Chowseeker, I’m a bit upset that you posted all these photos…it has definitely been too long since I’ve been to Mozza…thats all I’m gonna say!


for me, the crust has been great and unique since they opened, and Ive never had a crust that wasn’t virtually the same and perfect!..on occasion, the cornicione was a bit too wide but, for me, it’s still its as good as it gets1


I went a week ago, and it was fantastic as usual.


I wish they’d bring back their salt cod dishes, either as fried balls or on bruschetta.


Egg, bacon and Yukon Gold. Sorry for the lousy pic- it was dark. I’d forgotten how much I love their pizzas. This was the Newport location. That stretch of PCH had been torn up for ages, so it fell off my radar.

Service was wonderful as well. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the imported burrata, so we had the regular that came with some roasted cherry tomatoes and of course an order of that great bread.

My friend had her favorite, the mushroom pizza.

I haven’t enjoyed a pizza this much since Redd Wood in Yountville. It’s too bad that B&B are such asses, so we took @TheCookie and @catholiver suggestion and made a donation to Working Wardrobes to assuage our guilt.


I love the Newport PM. But I feel that unless I get the Sicilian tomato pizza (nothing but tomato sauce and sans cheese) the crust is ‘floppy’ wherever the toppings/sauces are. Do you have the same experience?

I’m also curious how the Newport PM it compares to the LA one. Anyone have any thoughts if the LA one is much better?


No, I wouldn’t characterize it as floppy at all in my experience- quite the opposite in fact.
But I’m usually at Settebello or other Neopolitan-style places.


Settebello is definitely overlooked, I feel; it’s a great traditional pizza. But the crust at PM definitely gets my vote though it isn’t traditional.


Newport (and I’m saying that as somebody who lives here) doesn’t deserve Settebello. Has it been more crowded recently? I haven’t been in a month or so


I think it gets a good number of diners Friday - Saturday nights. But yes, you are absolutely right that people don’t frequent it nearly as much as they should. I think they have the best traditional Neapolitan pizzas in the area.


Hi @DoubleThinker

We were there the other night (will post soon).

I can see why that might happen now if the pizza maker isn’t good with the oven. The beauty of this dough/crust is Nancy Silverton continues to tweak it. It is indeed softer than their early years and the taste is :yum:. I have to say the L.A. spot does a great job.

Happy :pizza: Eating!


Yes, I agree that the crust is slightly weaker at NB than in LA.


Went for dinner last night because it was the most appealing place open between Largo and Thai Town open after 10:30 on Sunday. I’ve been to Osteria Mozza a lot and to Chi Spacca three times but hadn’t been back to the pizzeria since a disappointing meal in 2008. Still playing 80s music but at a very reasonable low volume, didn’t have to raise my voice to talk with a guy a few stools down the bar.,

The arancini ($10) were great. Did not get soggy from the sauce since it was not very wet and was only on the bottom. Enormous improvement compared with ten years ago. Nice with a quartino of Soave.

Cauliflower fritti with spicy mint aioli ($12), also great. Great spiced batter, perfect texture. Somewhere around here I switched to a bottle of delicious Ronchi di Cialla Ribolla Nera ($56).

Chicken liver bruschette with capers, parsley, and pancetta ($11), split the difference between the Italian style and Jewish chopped liver. Maybe the best chicken liver dish I’ve had since Incanto closed.

Bacon, salame, fennel sausage, guanciale, tomato, & mozzarella pizza ($20), excellent. The crust was delicious, as flavorful as it gets. Glorious and varied assortment of pork products. Overall, a unique pizza, too crisp to be Neapolitan but not like any other I can recall either.

That was an impossible amount of food for me to handle by myself. I did my best but was sad to see half the cauliflower and bruschette go in the dumper (didn’t seem like either would hold up very well).


Do you like eating in LA better than SF? Seems like you really go out of your way to eat well when you’re down here.