Pizzeria Mozza


Wow. Looks absolutely delicious. I have never tried the arancini, the cauliflower fritti, or the chicken liver bruschette. The latter is not even available at the Newport Beach PM, unfortunately.

I may have to try the Los Angeles PM as it seems to be a notch above the Newport Beach branch, which is to be expected.


isn’t that what FTC’ers do when travelling?


Not if they’re traveling w/ a significant other who isn’t as interested in food but does want to see a ton of other things (non food related) while traveling…


separate vacations are acceptable in this day and age.


I eat well at home, too, but I don’t usually eat out twice a day.


Sure but Robert is down here what seems like all the time. It’s not like he’s visiting LA for the first time.


Hardly all the time. I’ve been coming here twice a year for the past few years, and my main focus is eating.


What will I do w/ my co-dependency??? :wink:


On business trips I have been known to eat dinners while facetiming my wife.


I order chicken liver almost invariably when I see it on a menu and that version is my all time favorite with the lemon zest and guanciale or whatever they are putting on it now.

In the past I’ve found the cornicione on the pizzas to be a little too wide with all the toppings piled in the center but they seem to have balanced it a little better in your pic. I haven’t been in about four years.


So is divorce.


What!? Well, I’m sure s/he has other good qualities. :smile:


Thankfully, yes. :wink: And actually quite a good home cook, despite the fact that he isn’t super interested in searching it out.

To make this somewhat topic related, his b-day is soon, and I was thinking of Pizzeria Mozza or Abruiya Raku. He hasn’t been to either. Thoughts? (for anyone)


Good report @robert. Nice tip on the wine pairing. I never know what to order and let the waiter choose. Don’t you love the big, little carafe? It’s about 2 glasses.

Lots of :heart: on the Chicken Liver Toast. Who knew? Do you and @brisket44 think it would be just as good without the guanciale (pork cheek)?


Tough one. I would go to Aburiya Raku. But since he’s been to neither my vote would be Pizzeria Mozza. It’s kinda’ iconic.


The guanciale is gilding the lily.

I like the quartinos when the price is right. In the cold light of dawn, my wine tab at Mozzaplex sometimes seems a bit inflated.


Message us. Even at 11PM. We will help you. :wink:


Raku! :slight_smile: I can give you recommendations if you want. Hope you both have a fun day!


pizzeria mozza for a birthday lunch and raku for a birthday dinner.


No, I didn’t wait. Yes, I burned the roof of my mouth.

meatballs, mozzarella di bufala, tomato, chili flakes, fresh oregano

Stiff competition

bacon, salame, fennel sausage, guanciale, tomato, mozzarella

black truffle, mozzarella, fontina, sottocenere