Pizzeria Mozza


Looks so good! :slight_smile:

How was the Black Truffle Pizza? Worth it? :slight_smile:


I was back at the Newport location last Monday and it was just so good! Didn’t take pictures, but our pizzas looked the same.

Started with a perfect Negroni, the burrata (with sides of tomatoes and pesto this time) and the delicious bread, Nancy’s salad and a couple pizzas (one prosciutto and my friend had an all veggie that she loved).

I don’t normally order dessert, but finished with the budino.

Forgot my leftover pizza was in the frig and it was still almost as good 2 days later.

I would marry this restaurant if I could.


This is my favorite pizza place in LA too. It’s funny, in the first few years after it opened, it was so hard to get in and there was so much hype that there were a lot of contrarian opinions/haters. But now that it’s settled into being an LA institution, everyone can just enjoy it for what it is.


Per Batali’s comments in Silverton’s “Chef’s Table” episode, her dough recipe evolved over a few years. The first time I went, a few months after it opened, the pizza was below average by San Francisco standards. Today, it could hold its own in any city in the world.


i would stick to the other toppings.


What did you not like about the truffle pizza? I had it and thought it was worth every penny.


not enough truffle aroma or flavor


Check it out. They have a new salt cod fritter salad.



During the World Cup there is a special at Mozza2Go
$50 for 2 pizzas, 1 order of wings and 1 budino or other dessert.
Not sure if this is a good deal or not but I’d probably pick this up if I lived nearby.


Went to Newport location twice in the last month after an absence of probably 2 years. The pasta and entree additions make Mozza much better. The pizzas were still good but the construction of the pizza wasn’t great. Much soupier than normal mostly due to too much sauce and too much cheese (not that that is a bad thing).

Garganelli with ragu was perfect both times. Al dente with a nice rich ragu but not oversauced. Excellent and highly recommended.
Get the pane with olive oil. Bread is fantastic with a little crust, lovely oil and a smattering of chunky salt. Pairs great with meatballs or burrata, tomato and pesto salad.
Squash blossoms were great at lunch and ok at dinner. At lunch we were 1 of 2 tables and the fry was perfect. Dinner was more crowded and the blossoms came out a little greasy.
Gelato is still top notch. I am a big fan of the gelato at many of the former Batali joints including Mozza and Otto. Really enjoyed the tangerine flavor and the coconut stratiachella.


I love the bread and burrata- always order that.

I agree that the pizzas with sauce can be a tad soggy, which is why I stick with the white ones with crema.


I love soupy pizza, but not overly cheesy; it should be about the sauce. Mozza’s pizza used to be soupier, as was Sotto’s. I feel they are easing up because maybe people don’t like it?


At least for me, if I want soupier I’ll get a Neopolitan pie. That crust is just so delicious on its own.


Absolutely. A Neapolitan is what Mozza used to make, but they’re adjusted over the years, as has Sotto.

I’ve been eating at both restaurants since they opened, and the pizza has definitely changed over the years. So has the bread and certain pastas.

It’s fine if they need to adjust recipes to suit their current clientele, but it is not the original soupy Neapolitan-style they served in the olden days.


Mozza was never Neapolitan. Either officially, or “in style”.


Even here in Orange County, we have several fine Neopolitan pizza places, but I’ve never had a pizza quite like Nancy’s. Her dough recipe is world-class.


Yes, this is true, I misspoke. But it did used to be soupier than it is now.

(I was drinking wine and craving pizza after the whole LeBron/Blaze fiasco.)


Both true statements. I actually like the pasta, apps and entrees enough that I didn’t order pizza on our last trip to Mozza. Crust aside I much prefer Fuoco.


The only crust I like better than Nancy’s is Chris Bianco’s (pre health sabbatical).


When we went to Mozza ten years ago, not long after they opened, the crust didn’t have much flavor, wasn’t very crisp, and the one with tomato sauce got soggy quickly. I felt sorry for Angelenos that they thought that was worth lining up for.

I can’t imagine preferring that to the spectacular pizza I had in February, but maybe it went through other phases before Silverton stopped tweaking the recipe.