Pizzeria Mozza


When I was practically raising my son at the pizza bar (Nancy likes children, he would do homework and she gave him little snacks while we waited for our food), the crust was great and the pizza wasn’t soggy at all. The Margherita had a wet center, which I like, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

And there were no lines if you went early.

What kind of pizza do you like?


I like a wide variety of pizza styles. All else being equal I prefer crisp crust, but I also enjoy traditional Neapolitan so long as it’s made and cooked properly.


Interesting conversation.

I’ve never noticed the soupy or soggy crust. This might be a tomato based pie dilemma. I tend to eat the Funghi Misti or the Egg Potato. The Funghi has the opposite problem - it gets stiff and chewy if you don’t indulge right away.

I’m a pizza liker not lover and certainly no expert on crust, but I :heart: Mozza’s pizza. IMO the dough has definitely changed. It has better flavor, more pliable, but still has good crunch.

From what I’ve seen and read, Nancy Silverton has developed the dough over time, tweaking it for improvement. The crust is her own style. I don’t think she changed it to cater to a certain customer base, but I could be wrong.

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The soggy crust I had was ten years ago. She’s clearly changed the recipe a lot.


I suspect the dough may have changed, too, but I recall reading that there were some struggles with “calibrating” the oven and training the pizzaioli in the early days.


I know the dough changed not only because it’s no longer tasteless and soggy, but also because on the Chef’s Table episode about Nancy Silverton, Batali talked about how long she worked on the dough.


That episode of chef’s table implied that all that work was done before pizzeria Mozza was opened.


That pizza is so high on my list of things to eat before I die dramatically in a fiery car crash.

Is it not as good now?

It was. She is a somewhat obsessive person, but in a good way. Very focused, for which we are grateful. :slight_smile:

Wow, Robert. Are you sure you were at Mozza? Your recollection is too funny.



Still great, just not as great.


I once had the rare privilege of having pizza made by Nancy herself. Disclosure, Peter Reinhart has been a close friend for 38 years. He was in town trying to start up a cooking show about pizza. He invited my wife and myself to Pizzeria Mozza as part of the pitch. Nancy was extremely gracious and it was the best pizza I have ever had, although Peter’s grilled pizza isn’t far behind. Peter’s website, https://www.fornobravo.com/pizzaquest/. He didn’t succeed in getting the show, but I had some wonderful pizza (and a parking ticket - don’t park on Melrose after 4)!


There was no change in the recipe of her dough. I know this from speaking with her personally.

So unless you’re calling her liar …


Maybe it’s this. I definitely enjoy the crust more now than when Mozza first opened, so…


I’ll ask her next time I see her. Maybe Batali was talking about tweaking she did before the place opened.

The crust I had this year was much better than the ones I had ten years ago, but that could have been due to inconsistent execution.