Pizzeria Mozza


Okay, good to know. This wasn’t a “We must go out for pizza. Whose got the best?” kind of thing. Our son and his roommate had friends visiting and they wanted to go to a place they’d heard and read about. We do love Mozza. But we also live 2 miles away. It’s perfect for mom & dad to join then send them on their merry way.

P.S. Have you guys settled the argument about whether or not Mozza’s pizza is actually Neopolitan? Or is it kind of its own thing?


I love Mozza. Dont mean to talk smack. It’s definitely a hybrid and Nancy’s own creation. The crust isn’t as high hydration as neop. Closer to a bread crust.


Neapolitan’s not crunchy.


mozza caprese

carbs aka keto diet mistress

mussels al forno with salsa calabrese

Pro tip: order your pizza uncut, boom, you’re now technically only eating one slice.

white anchovy, tomato, fresno chiles

salame, tomato, mozzzarella, fresno chiles

meyer lemon gelato pie, champagne vinegar sauce, candied lemon zest